Another MacBook user...

May 2, 2005
Yes! After three weeks of waiting my MacBook has arrived!
Apple MacBook White 2 GHz/100 GB/2 GB/Superdrive
I've copied all my docs and programs without any serious problems (I had a few minor glitches in Mail).
Because I need to work from time to time with Windows XP, I downloaded Parallels en installed Windows XP. Windows XP takes approximately 2.8 GB and it works as fast (if not faster) as on normal pc's!
The glossy screen is not as bad as one says on several forums.
One "design problem" for me is that all the USB ports, ... are on the left side. I bought an extra mouse and the cable is a little short. Normally, all my external HD's, ... are on the right side of my desk.
Oh yes... I can start postprocessing my pics again :smile:
Feb 7, 2005
Annandale, VA
Way to go! I really like the way you get Windows in a window and can cut and past back and forth. I still want to use Qimage and Paperport so Windows is still part of my routine. Parallels has to be one of the all time best bargains for its cost.

Feb 6, 2005
South SF Bay Area, CA.
I've read the instalation docs and it's not clear it can be done. Thanks anyway, this may not be the forum for such a discussion.
I am curious about getting a MacPro for my next PC (probably next Spring) and I too would like to keep running Windows, so I followed Julien's link to the Parallels' web site, read about the VM configuration and clicked on the screen shots.

It appears that you can get the hosted OS (i.e. Windows) to boot from external devices (HD, CD, etc...), as you can in a standalone Windows environment. Perhaps the Parallels software must be installed on your main Mac HD, but it sure looks like you could have Windows on an external one... That would be a pretty handy setup, in particular for a laptop! :wink::smile:
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