Another Stab At Volleyball

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  1. Starting to get use to the D700.
    I think I am really going to like this camera :biggrin:
    Thanks for looking.....Ted B








  2. Ted, these are great, like #3 w/ the ball poking thru the net.
  3. Ted, you've got a couple good ones here. That D700 takes some nice noiseless images.
  4. Very nice, Ted. Love #3! Any NR done on these in PP? I shot a volleyball game this morning using my D300 at 1/400 with the 70-200VR wide open. I pretty much had to stay at ISO 3200 and I noticed most of yours were in the 2000-2800 range. I added just a tad of NR to clean them up.
  5. Thanks Chris,
    This game went much better than last week.
    I thought I was having focus issues with the D700.
    The problem was user error on my part using too slow of a SS.
    Out of 150 or so shots only 4 or 5 had focus issues.
    I am still trying to perfect my in camera settings to minimize any PP.
    I am getting blotchy looking skin tone shadows still straight from the camera.
    I have to do a adjustment layer and desaturate then erase everthing in the layer but the blotchy skin to correct.
    My in camera saturation is at 0. Maybe I will try a -1 or -2 next time.
    Here is a sample of the blotch skin straight from the camera.
    Any in camera settings suggestion to correct this would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks Phil!

    Thanks Danny,
    I do have my in camera Hi ISO NR set to high.
    Wonder if this may be the cause of my blotchy skin tone issue.

    Thanks for looking.....Ted B
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