Another use for the D800 Modelling Light

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AshburtonOnline, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. During a theatre dress rehersal which I was shooting last night ... My 8 yr old stated he was 'bursting' for a was (pee). We went down a dimly lit corridor to the rest room but all lights in there were off and power was N/A. It was totally dark in there.

    My son was distressed ...THEN, using my SB800's modelling light in short 2 second bursts, he was able to complete his 'job', washup and leave the room.

    Problem Solved :biggrin: yet another reason why the SB800 kicks the 600 in the .......
  2. My on-board flash and SB-600 both do the modeling flash, it freaks me out every time I use it though. Feel like it's putting too much stress on the flash. If I do use it, I only use the on-board flash. Usually if I need light I just use the white AF focus light on the camera body.
  3. I just put a white screen on my mobile phone - nice and bright !