Antwerp medieval re-enactment "The Bad World"

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    Dec 14, 2006
    On June 2-3, an international crowd (Flemish, Walloons, Dutch, German, Italian, Frencg, even a lonely Scott) of Medieval re-enactors assembled in a park in Antwerp, Belgium in order to offer us a show of the medieval times. They constructed quite a large village with "shops" offering woodcraft, leather works (You should see the shoes on offer :tongue:) and metalworks, besides their living tents.
    In the afternoon, a battle between two armies was staged.
    You can see my pics (straight from the camera, no retouches done save downsampling) on in the map "Medieval re-enactment.
    And please, don't think that this is the normal way of spending our weekends in "the Olde Countries".. As far as I know this was a once-only event.
  2. Great shots of interesting day. Hoping to visit one of these events during summer months when display of WW2 events are shown.
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    I also went to a medieval pageant on the weekend you can see some of my photos here:

    There was some Falconary, jousting,belly dancers and a re-enactment over the weekend..hope you like the photos..