Any other Fulltime RV'ers out there?

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  1. Great idea for a forum!

    This is natural place for me and my Lady to visit. We've been fulltimers on the road since retirement came upon us. Sold the house, bought a diesel pusher motorhome and hit the road. We've been long interested in the photograhic arts, and being fulltime travelers encourages full immersion. So we've built a kit of gear well beyond our skills and set out to learn to use it. We've become interested in birding along the way too. Also a no brainer considering that everyplace we stop offers a whole new set of birds to check out and try to photograph.

    We have been stalled in our travels lately assisting an elder who's been in ill health lately, but still living in the rig. Our wanderlust is intact, however, and in God's good time we will be on our way. We did travel freely for a year and a half, starting out in California, across the Southwest and up to New England. A tour of Ontario with a summer vactioning grandson, then a break for the winter in Florida. Three months backed up to a Bayou near St Petersburg. There are a lot of pics taken with the D70 my bride gifted to me for retirement. I had the 18-70 kit lens, a 70-300 (non vr) and a seldom used 12-24. The d200 is a recent aquisition, and lens lust is an active principle in my life, at least (see signature). My bride has a D80, with a permantly attached 18-200mm VR.

    Wanted to post a few pics, but Smugmug seems bogged down right now. I will come back and put up some of our travel shots soon.

    So anyone out there who shares this compulsion?

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  2. Hey Jack! We don't have a motorized RV, but we do have a 25 ft travel trailer that's usually hitched to our 2007 Titan and pulling a flatbed full of atv's! We're always riding, camping, and all 5 of us are photographers! The kids all have little P&S cameras, hubby uses my CP 995 and of course I use my D50. Here's a photo of our "rig"

    Even though this pic was taken last year, the only difference is our new Titan is silver and the little 50cc atv has been replaced with another Kazuma.
  3. Nice rig, Dianne. Sounds like lots of family good times.
  4. Thanks Jack! What's really neat is our kids all know our #1 rule - no helmet, not ride! And we firmly believe in the family that plays together stays together. It's fun being outdoors in nature and we only ride our atv's on properties well maintained for them. My bike is the one in the front of the flatbed with the tail lights facing the screen. It's a Polaris Trailboss and is a really good gear cart! :biggrin: Anyway, who knows, maybe we'll see ya'll on the road or camping sometime! :wink: We love meeting new people!:biggrin:
  5. Here's our rig. We've run aground in the Burbs! Oh well, to everything there is a season........


  6. OOHOOHHH Jack, that's a nice rig! We looked at one similar to that, but decided, nope, it's out of our price range. We bought our camper used since we didn't know how often we'd use it. Guess someday, we'll be upgrading, the kids love it when we go somewhere!
  7. Nothing International here. Just some shots of the USA from our first year and a half of RV'ing around.

    Booth Bay, Maine

    Kennebunkport, Maine

    Museum of Appalachia, Near Knoxville, Tn

    Burnside Bridge, Antietam, Md

    Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge, Delaware

    George Eastman Mansion, Rochester, NY

    California North Coast

    A little of our life on the road.

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  8. WOW! What beautiful shots! Okay, I'll post some of our shots out of about 1000! In one month, we went to Canada, Michigan, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, before returning home to TX. I'll have to find the CD's that I have all my pics on and post some perhaps tomorrow. I thought I had them on Flickr, guess not.

    Up in the mountains of Utah - around Salt Lake City

    Wyoming (I think)
    View attachment 95232

    Painted Dessert in AZ
    View attachment 95233
  9. Nice shots, Dianne. Where's the Lincoln head from?

    Here's a snap of me with some Pelican friends in Florida.


  10. Oh WOW! I love pelicans! After all that's the state bird of Louisiana! How in the world did you get so close!? Love the photo!

    The Lincoln statue was in Wyoming somewhere close to the border = we were travelling from MI, so I can't say much about where we were. All I know is I was overwhelmed at the beauty I saw on our trip. This trip, BTW was taken about 2 years ago. We've had a lot going on since then, but have a ton of photos to show. This could turn into a fun thread! So, get ready, I'm a real shutter happy photographer with tons of travel pics!
  11. Mornin' Dianne,
    Pretty easy to get close, actually. This is on the St Petersburg Pier. They sell small fish to feed the local pelicans, so they're trained to come in to get them. Cheating, really. But cool birds. Here's a few more:


  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Nice pics folks:>))))
  13. Gale,
    Took a stroll around your pBase. Lots of nice stuff, especially liked the birds. Also bookmarked your "actions and tutorials". Thanks for posting them.
  14. Andy


    Feb 13, 2006
    New York
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