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Any recommendations to complete my lens kit?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Jonathan F/2, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Check out my signature below. Any recommendations to my kit? Thinking of throwing a 50mm 1.4, but I can't think of anything else to get. If nothing else, I may be done with my FX/DX transition lens kit. Replaced my 10.5, 12-24, 17-55. I was thinking of dumping my Sigma 500 f/4.5 HSM when I got the 200-400 VR, but for some darn reason, I can't get myself to sell that lens. They're so rare in the wild and it's sharp. It's almost a collector's piece! Might get a 24-70 down the road, but I'll wait for prices to subside. :biggrin:
  2. I'd sell the 24-120 you've got and replace it with a 24-70. Aside from that I'd be pretty pleased to have the lenses that you do.
  3. I know, but I quite fancy the 24-120 VR, I've owned 4 copies of the lens, they've all sucked, but I like the focal length! It's not bad on FX though. Perhaps I'll dump it for a 24-85 2.8-4?
  4. I compared the 24-120 and the 24-85 at the local camera store. The reason I primary reason I walked out with the 24-85? The VF brightness. It was like someone turned the lights on when I switched lenses. Now that I have it at home the thing has great center sharness from 24-85 which I know is your primary concern. Cornerns aren't great @ 24 but that's why I have the 14-24. :tongue:

    100% crop of eyes:




    BTW, LR2 gets a bad wrap. Since adding the picture controls for Nikon, I'm finding the color and quality superb. The time it takes to work an image is less than 1/2 given the speed of LR2.
  5. Hi Joe,

    Haven't you made the switch from Canon to Nikon several times? :smile:

    I actually like the 24-85 AFD, that lens has some nice contrast. Though I got my 24-120 VR for dirt cheap. So I'm presuming my weakest link is the 24-70 range? :wink:
  6. Dump the 24-120 for a 28-105, covers most of the range, is smaller, lighter, has 1:2 macro.

    Then maybe trade that 90mm macro for the Sigma 150mm macro?

    But it's always easier to spend others money.:wink:
  7. Hi Joe,

    Going off topic a little bit, but which picture controls are you referring to for LR2? The biggest problem I have with LR2 is that it isn't able to read my in camera settings from the D3 - are the picture controls you are mentioning a solution to this?


  8. Just one switch Jonathan (Nikon-Canon-Nikon) but I've owned several bodies from each brand so it may seem like several times. :tongue:
  9. Hi Simon,

    Not entirely. Adobe introduced camera specific profiles to match the picture controls, here' the link:


    If you make adjustments to your picture controls then LR2 won't read those adjustments, it simply has one version of each picture control.

    They are excellent and look much better than the Adobe ACR 4.4. Note that Adobe is moving away from calibration names like "ACR 4.4" and using "Adobe Standard" as the basic and then probably other Adobe version along with camera specific versions.
  10. Great, thanks Joe, must have missed that announcement. I'll give them a try this evening!
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