Any St Loius cafe'ers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 4labs, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Planned an impromptu trip to St Louis for the Cardinals vs Yankees series.
    Would apreciate a restaurant recomendation for after the game.

  2. Hey there, Eric.

    Not a St. Louis native, but a lifelong Cardinals fan.

    Hope you enjoy decisive Redbird victories over the Yankees this week-end.....though that won't be nearly so sweet as the recent wins over the hated redsox.

    As far as a place to eat, doesn't Stan Musial still own a restaurant in St. Louis? It used to be called "Stan and Biggie's".

    Envious of your trip,

  3. David I woudl think living in Vermont and not liking teh Red Sox would be almost as bad as me liking them... I will just have to wing it for the restaurant or look online I guess.
  4. There are several excellent places in Union Station. There is a great seafood called Landry's there.

    Have fun! St Louis is a nice town.
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