ANybody for Texas?

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by cajun angel, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Well, since we've had to cancell our vacation to MI, I thought I'd see if anyone is interested in a mini-get-together here in Texas? This is just an idea but there's tons of places to shoot around here -Hagerman Wildlife Refuge -Glen Rose Dinasaur Park - Pug Mark Park - Dallas Arboritum
    Just to name a couple places. I'd love to get together with folks from the cafe that are interested. So, I'm hoping to see some responses, if not, guess I'll just be by my lonesome.
  2. May be out your way in September

    My son lives in Austin so we are there a couple of times a year. This year, I may fly down in September, rent a motorcycle (my son has a new BMW R1200) and ride out to Big Bend park. If I wind up spending some extra time in Austin, I'll give you a shout. Sounds like there are lots of cool places to shoot.

  3. We're north of there by a couple hundred miles (I think). I don't know where Big Bend is, but just stay in touch. There's tons of places to do photography and I'm trying to venture out and find some of them. So far, Hagerman Wildlife Refuge is my favorite - never the same thing twice! ANyway, we have a Valkyrie and maybe we could do something by bike? Just won't be able to carry a bunch of gear.
  4. Big Bend National Park is what I was referring to. It's out in the "big bend" of the Rio Grande on the way to El Paso. If you're up for a couple of days of primitive camping, I'll keep you up to date on our plans. I also hope to spend a few days in the Austin area. The last time we were there I didn't yet have my D200 so I want to revisit some of the scenic areas in the hill country and take some pictures.

    The big vacation this year for my wife and I will be Disney World. She's never been there so we're planning about 10 days in early December. This means we will only have limited additional vacation time to spend in Austin in September, probably about a week.

  5. Primative camping? We have a 25ft travel trailer. If they have a spot for those, I bet we could do it if it's on the right weekend. We have kids in school so dunno if it will work being in Sept. We'll just have to continue to stay in touch. Sounds like fun though!

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