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Anybody got ERR and occasional blank frames with their D2H?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Ming Thein, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Trying to figure out what it means - sometimes I get an ERR message, though the frame comes out fine - sometimes I get a black frame with no ERR. This usually happens on the first shot of the day; everything else is fine, meter works too.

    I'm guessing it's impending shutter failure; anybody know for sure, or how much longer I can expect my shutter to last? I've got about 80k on the body, and will be happy if it'll continue working until I get my D200 in the next week or two...


  2. This was a problem I was having with my D2H last year. This happened twice to me, the first time Nikon replaced the "right grip assembly" and the second time they charged me for fixed the Aperture Lever, which they claimed was bent. I am not sure why the difference, but since I got it back last spring I have not had the problem since. Now, I have been "lucky" enough to have my shutter go as well, and i did not see any issue prior to the day it just stopped. Just before the shutter completely broke, I did have an instance of getting one or two images recorded, but I did not get an ERR.

    If it continues, I'd give Nikon Support a call and try to speak with someone who has seen this issue before.

    Good luck.

    By the way, with the issues I have had with my D2H, I do need to say that Nikon was superb and quick with repair and I have not had issues since, darned good camera in my opinion.
  3. Thanks Retief. Seems odd - aperture lever? Guess it kinda makes sense when you consider the black frames...I plan on sending it in once I get my D200...

  4. I thought this was quite odd as well, since they also replaced the "grip" bits again, and tried to charge me for the whole lot. When I complained, they dropped the charge to just the "aperture lever", which cost me almost $300. There were not happy when I asked why they didn't contact me immediately and send me a picture of what was wrong with my "aperture lever", the just said "bent". I then asked "how" and the talked about jamming lenses on the body. Not something I could prove one way or the other. This was my only bad experience with service, and i am still none too happy about it, but if I ever need this kind of repair I'll have it done locally, since it is mechanical only.

    Good luck, now we have to see which of us gets the D200 first, you or me....:wink:
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