Anybody know a "Wild Lily" from a ..... ?

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  1. Anybody know what this is. I call it a "Wild Lily" but I think it is a weed. Sprang up in a bed of assorted greenery outside my kitchen window.

    In any case, I use it as a test subject to determine maximum apature sharpness and contrast for my Sigma 70-300 APO. My conclusion: I need another macro for flowers, not this one. In fact it is hard to see the need for a macro whose wide apatures are "soft", and whose sharpest apature retains too much backgound.

    The full test can be found at:

    In any case, if anybody can identify the "wild lily" I'd appreciate it.

    Click and Click Again for full original size.
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    We always called them Easter
    Dont know the biological name

    That is a beautiful shot
  3. _Jorge_


    Jul 3, 2007
    Don't know the flower name, Harry.

    The Sigma 70-300APO has its limitations but IMHO is the best telephoto zoom lens in that price range, the not-true-Macro capability is a bonus. For real macro work a more expensive dedicated macro lens is needed or reversed lens, tubes, etc.

    Test well done and nice shots, btw.
  4. Yes, Easter Lilies. I had a 44 quart pot full of them. They just finished their blooming cycle for the year...well almost, I have a few new offshoots that are going to try and bloom. The buds are half the size of the parent plant. They are perennial bulb plants. They should return next year.
  5. Thanks, Gale. It may be an Easter Lilly...I plant my Easter flowers every year...but it was nowhere in evidence last year, and I was thrown by the lateness of the bloom and the fact that the leaf structure looks different on a plant this size (about three feet tall).

    Glad you enjoyed the shot.
  6. Thanks for looking and for you comments, Jorge.

    I agree with your comments....I bought it to get quality reach at a reasonable outperformed both the non-APO version and the top end of my Sigma 18-200 at 200mm and holds its sharpness pretty well at f8-13 out until 300mm. I haven't had an oppurtunity to compare it to the equivalent Nikon, but my understanding is that that unit (not the VR version) is not very good at the long end. My only complaint is that it looses contrast at the long end...but that can be fixed in pp to some degree.

    But as a macro for this purpose....better than nothing, but not as good as a medium-tele-length or normal macro. I did find it useful for making letters "pop" on a shot I took recently on a visit back to my college (below).

  7. Thanks for looking and for the info, Chrystall. I'll look forward to it next year, then. Oh, and I will have to keep the bed better cleaned up then, I guess.:wink:
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