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Anybody using the Nikon 24-70 for critical landscapes – at 35mm + Lee-filters

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Steinar, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Steinar


    Aug 16, 2007
    This question has been up before, but not exactly in this way.


    Everybody know this lens is amazing for weddings, portraits and a lot more, and the lens is so good wide open.

    I have also seen fine scape-pics with this lens.

    But I never seen a serious landscape shooter using this lens for critical scapes with Lee-filters.

    The front does not rotate, but it moves – what about the huge filter holder and the filters then ….some says, they think it is not a problem, others says “take care.”

    I do not think it was Nikons thoughts shooting critical scapes with this lens, but maybe there is a hidden gem here from 35mm stopped down. ?

    In the area 24-35 it does not score more than 4 point in this test (4 point is also good - 5 points is the very best)


    It is french, but you can scroll down to see the points of the 24-70 and also for fun what the 35-70 is given - and remember it is the AFD, not the AF without the D.

    - The 24-70 in the area 24-35 got 4 points here.

    - It does get 5 points in the 35-70 area, but so does the 35-70 AF-D exept for wide open.

    I recall another more personel review said it was best in the 35-70 area (but can not remember the place or link), so maybe the test is valid.

    The 24-70 is better in the flare/ghosting area, than the 35-70 lens , I have read.

    In fact I ordered the 24-70, some time ago, but he could not deliver, and when he could after more than a month I was not interested anymore, because of those reviews.

    Now I am interested again, because I have sold all my DX-lenses, because of my D700, so I have no WA-lens, that can use filters - well, my 35-70 can, but the front rotates, and I do not like that ....using a huge LEE-filter set.

    As mentioned I have never seen a very serious landscape-shooter using the 24-70 lens for critical scapes (but that can be me ?)- but it is amazing for weddings, PJ.s and a lot, lot more, and I think it is made for those jobs.

    Maybe because it is first at the very best from 35mm and up. ? (some says it is because of curvature of field at 24mm, but that is another talk, what the reason is, I do not want to go into that)

    Now I am here: I would be satiesfied if it is top,top for scapes from 35mm, I do not need 24mm on FX, and then I can use my filters, if anybody can say that it is no problem with the “moving” front and I would sell my 35-70, because the area 24-35 will be very fine for my weddings also, but I am in doubt if I shall buy a Nikon 28mm f/2.0 AI-s or Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 instead, for my landscape work and then keep the 35-70 for weddings.

    (I chose the 14-24 instead of the 17-35 (tough choice) and now this is my last problem/challenge going from DX to FX)

    So my point and questions are
    (hope you did not fall a sleep before this point :smile:) 

    1) Can anybody say something about the "landscape mode" at 35mm for the 24-70 lens for critical scapes, which sometimes will be printed out very large. ?

    2) How is the 24-70 with the sun in or near the frame (flare/ghosting) and also the nightshooting abilities with a lot of city-lights (the 28mm f/2.0 AI-s and the Zeiss 35mm are very good in this flare/ghosting and nightshooting- area)

    3) The moving “issue” using a huge Lee-holder and filters. (vignetting and fall of is not a problem stopped down, I have read).

    Thank you very much.
  2. godrick


    Mar 18, 2008
    I was at first sceptical about this lens, but find the results pretty stunning for land/cityscapes. 35mm is excellent. I don't use Lee filters.
  3. Steinar


    Aug 16, 2007
    Thank you very much.

    - I am in a bit hurry, this time, so I have got some answers just 1 minute ago, when a man on a forum wrote a lot about the lens, and I put the questions in there, too, just 5 minutes ago, and he have allready answered me.

    I got this:

    - No problems with the Lee-filters, even it is moving (not rotating) when changing focal length

    - Not prone to flare/ghosting if you work a little with it. Just take care about it, but not a serious problem at all.

    - No problems with city-lights in the night - nightshooting

    - tack sharp at 35mm stopped down - from corner to corner.
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