Anybody Want a Good Deal on a New iMac Pro? Check Out MicroCenter!

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  1. iMac Pro is $1,000 Off at Micro Center Stores, Now $3,999 While Supplies Last

    MicroCenter has stores around the US, mainly in urban/suburban areas, and they specialize in computer gear of all sorts, including components for building one's own PC, etc. They also have a department devoted to Apple products. Now they're offering a great deal on the new, just-released iMac Pro (base model) that came out just last month. It's rather surprising, actually -- $1000 off! If you want one of these and live near a MicroCenter store, take a drive over, check things out.....
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    If they had priced it at $6000 they could have offered $2000 off.
  3. LOL!!!!!

    Well, Microcenter is on to a good thing......I've been following posts on MacRumors and there are a surprising number of people who are posting there saying that they've just picked one up at their nearby Microcenter. Yesterday I looked online to see how many were available in my local store -- no, not because I wanted to rush out and buy one! -- and they had ten. After reading the posts on MR today I took another look at the Microcenter website and now they've got just one left. Interesting.....

    ETA: As of this evening they have no more iMac Pros for sale at that special price; guess people around this area snapped them up.
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