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Anyone ever done this?

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by underitall, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Just experimenting with my Eva Blitz flash, on manual trigger, and having alot of fun, just wondering, has anyone else done this type of thing, its great fun, and can create some uite good effects, thanks.
  2. WOW....Ghostly shot:eek: 
  3. Haven't tried but I like the results.....Kool shot!


  4. Thanks guys.
    It what happens when im bored home alone...Nothing to do.
    It had to be a longer expousre so I could fire off the flash, AND get out of the way, but I also had to have the aperture right up at f22, becuase of the excess light in the hallway, and that is the darkest part of the house at the moment, lunchtime, and sunny.
  5. Great shot, really! Keep practicing, that's very imaginative.

  6. Hey Tom -

    Not sure what exactly you did (and would be interested in knowing) but I like this a lot . . .

  7. Hi Eric...
    I set up my camera on my tripod, had about a 4ish second shutter, with maximum aperture (Because it was light) and set the timer on it, waited for the shutter to open, flashed my flash manually onto me, just enough to show part of me in the image, and got out of the way, to create the rest of the exposure, the background.
    Hope this helps,
  8. Cool effect! Nothing like thinking outside of the box with photography. If you like this stuff, you need to research "painting with light", it sounds like it might be right up your alley!
  9. Yep, absolutely Sandi, iv done a bit, and need to do it more often...Love light, and the way light can be used to create such amazing effects with photos. Like my kit lens, I shined a red torch onto it, and created a red glow on one side, and slightly lit on the other, with almost black background.
    Thanks, Tom.
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