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Anyone ever purchase a "Factory Demo" lens

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by shadow, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to acquire a 24-120mm VR and there is one listed on ebay that is a "factory demo" Should I be wary of something like this??
  2. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    Depending on the dealer, it may well be legitimate. For instance, Cameta Camera sells demo and refurb Nikon gear, and they are a reputable as well as authorized Nikon dealer.
  3. stephen99


    Nov 22, 2006
    Holland, Ohio
    If it is from Cameta it is a legitimate deal and you won't be able to tell it from new. Almost all my lenses are Cameta demos. They have all been flawless.
  4. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi neal-

    like stephen, i've purchased a factory demo from cameta (a 28-200mm). other than the packaging, the lens was like new with no flaws whatsoever. i couldn't even see any marks on the lens mount.

  5. agree with the others the ones I have bought from Cameta have all been great, and I still have them all.
  6. I have not bought from Cameta, but I did call Nikon a year or so to ask about "factory demos" and the tech actually mentioned them by name and that they were close by.
  7. jmmtn4aj


    Apr 12, 2007
    What exactly is a factory demo?
  8. My question as well, I could understand a "dealer demo" which means it was a demo lens used to show customers in the store but in the factory, shouldn't they have TONs of lenses to check out, I mean it is the birthplace of these lenses right? :biggrin:
  9. I had great luck with a Cameta Camera factory demo. The photo showed just the lens, when it came the lens looked brand new, had a generic box with the instructions, a special warranty card, the lens caps, hood, and even the soft bag. I had no issues at all.
  10. stephen99


    Nov 22, 2006
    Holland, Ohio
    This is how Cameta describes a factory demo on their ebay listings:

    What is a Nikon Factory Demo?

    In most cases a Nikon Factory Demo is a lens that has been used as a Nikon display piece or as a "Salesman's Sample". They have never been owned by a consumer and have minimal to no use. Each lens is individually checked and tested before it is shipped to us from Nikon. Where some may have small marks or slight imperfections in the finish, it is important to note that the lens is in brand new operating condition and is covered by Cameta Camera's warranty for one full year on all parts and labor.

    Every demo I have purchased from them has come with a Nikon 90 day warranty and a Cameta warranty that extended the warranty period to one year.
  11. I've had one and as has been said you can't tell it from new other than the packaging.

    Nikon calls the lenses (and cameras) refurb and I am more inclined to believe that is what they are instead of samples or demos.

    One consideration - if it is a complex AFS/VR lens is the savings worth the loss of the 5-year Nikon warranty?

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