Anyone here have problems with Transcend 32 GB Compact Flash Card 400X

Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
or anyone have problems with the Transcend 16 GB Compact Flash Card 400X?

I can get a great deal on these two and they seem to shoot the same speed as the more expensive name brand cards do. There was a pro photography that gave a great review on them so I was thinking of giving them a try on a D3s unless someone here can tell me otherwise why it would not be a good idea. Please be honest. It they are crap, tell me and if they are pretty darn good, please tell me.

I appreciate it,

Thank you,

Feb 8, 2011
Laurel, MD
I can't think of a specific thing wrong with them, so I guess it comes down to a question of how much you value your images. If I'm capturing a wedding--or even a moment in my daughter's life--the extra cash I spend on a Sandisk is worth it to me. Sure, the D3s has dual card slots so that if one card dies you have a backup, but why mess with it? That being said, they do seem to be well reviewed online, so maybe I'm just wasting my money. Oh well.

Putting cheapie memory cards in a $5000 camera body seems a little odd to me.
Mar 9, 2009
Melissa, do let us know how it works out. I have just gone from a D80 to a D700 and need to buy memory. These CF cards are a bit more expensive that the SD ones.
Sep 15, 2008
I have not used the Transcend 16 GB Compact Flash Card 400X cards, but I have been using their 4Gb 300x cards and have no issues. At Rob Gailbraith's site there is a list of card speeds for the D3 and D300. The Transcend 4Gb 300X cards beat the old SanDisk 4Gb Exterme IV and all of the Lexars tested. In some cases by up to 16%.



One of the on-line PC component test sites tested the Transcend 300X cards as cheap SSD memory for a laptop. The Transcend cards were ranked near the top, beating some dedicated SSD drives and showed no negative effects from intensive read/write operations as a hard disk.

I've been using a pair in my D3 for a couple years with no issues. However, the 300X cards use SLC memory which it is my understanding, is more expensive and reliable than the MLC memory used in the Transcend 400X and 600X. If I were trying to save a few bucks and stay with a fast and reliable card, I'd consider the Transcend 300X cards over their 400X cards. Possibly better than even older SanDisk and Lexar cards.
Feb 4, 2006
On a Big Island Down Under...
Over the years I've bought and used many different make / speed CF & SD cards from no name cheapies to the top of the line and expensive Sandisk & Lexar cards...

The only one's that have failed on me, you guessed it, the expensive Sandisk & Lexar cards...
I'm not recommending that you buy cheap cards, all I'm saying is high price and named brands don't always guarantee reliability as much as some like to think it does... :rolleyes:...
But Transcend have had a good name and reliability from the people I know that use them...
Mar 28, 2009
I have been using Transcend cards (not the 400x) for years and never had a card failure. Compact flash and SD type. Using the 600x now and no problems. Only card I ever had fail was a Lexar and I was able to at least recover the photos.
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