Anyone here who has worked on Nikon electronic apertures?

Jul 16, 2021
I need some technical advice about Nikon F-mount lenses equipped with electronic apertures, and am hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. A Nikon repair technician would be ideal - if anyone happens to know one.

Just to reiterate, I don't need any repairs done; just some information on a project that I am strongly considering. :)

I would like to know general information regarding the construction of the aperture. I am considering adapting the 19mm PC-E T/S lens to medium format - removing the tilt-shift mechanism, and creating a mechanical linkage to the electronic aperture. I would like to know if this is possible; whether or not a part of the electronic aperture can be removed ( perhaps the motor/actuator itself ) to expose the aperture ring and allow a gear or wheel to be used against the aperture ring and thus control it manually. Due to the expense of the lens, any modifications will either need to be reversible or a spare aperture mechanism acquired to compensate.

Please don't tell me the idea is bonkers; I'm quite aware of that already ;) . Aside of some questions on where to split the lens barrel and T/S mechanism, everything else should work fine - it's just the question of how to control the aperture. There is clearance for the rear lens element in the mirror box, and while machining up an adapter will be a bit involved, it's perfectly feasible. I have already converted a Samyang 24mm T/S lens to 645 mount, and it's brilliant ( at least for the price. And also at least stopped down past f11! ). That lens has the luxury of a manual aperture ring, however, and was a straight-forward conversion.

If anyone knows about these lenses, or can point me to someone who does, it would be appreciated. I have already spoken to my normal lens repairer, but he doesn't specialize in Nikon and knows little about the ones with the E-aperture; not enough to comment with any confidence, anyway.

Otherwise, I may try and call up a repair centre in Australia, and see if I can talk to one of their techs.


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