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Anyone speak Italian?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Czechman01, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I'm curious to know what the translation is for this comment someone left on one of my pictures over in Model Mayhem. I know it's positive and it's slang... other than that, not a clue.

    Buono amore mio. mille baci per te. Superbe. Felicitations.
  2. jaymc

    jaymc Guest

  3. bep207


    Nov 27, 2006
    Columbia, MO
    i know latin... so here is my best shot at it

    I really love this one. Thousand(s) kisses to/for you. Excellent (superb). Congratulations.

    im pretty certain this is right
  4. Thanks! That sounds right.
  5. C'mon, this is easy. It says: Duizend kusjes, liefje. Prachtig, gefeliciteerd!
  6. BEP's nailed it.

    Um... you attract a strange bunch Woody... ;) 
  7. Ciao Czechman
    I'm italian and what they said is (or at least it looks) like a great compliment. Correcting what Jaymc said, "superbe" isn't "arrogant" (like maybe in French), but exactly as in english: "Superb, wonderful, outstanding.."
    The fact he/she is writing you in slang and what he/she's saying is quite intimate.. and strange. to tell the truth, if it wasn't your girlfriend or someone loving you, I'd say this is (take it with tongs) even a "whore". Especially coloured women coming from Africa use here the word "amore" to attract customers. "Buono amore mio" isn't something you say to the first passing on your road.. I'd deepen the knowledge of that girl (I hope is a girl...) if you are single..
    All the best and let me know if you (or anyone) has other question concerning Italian. :) 
  8. p.s.: My translation is: "(Very) good, MY LOVE! 1000 kisses for you, photos are just wonderful, congratulations"
  9. The comment was left by someone who leaves similar messages on other people's work... I think they are just trying to be very "couture", and doing a pretty good job of it if you ask me.
  10. Babelfish, yeah right....!

    Yeah right.....as a person of direct Italian descent I am "amused":Shocked:

    How on earth babelfish could translate "superbe" (meaning "superb"....but in the plural) into the french equivalent stupefies me to say the least; even would offend me a bit if I didn't know about these funny quirks of these online translators.:confused: 
  11. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    Sorry to threadjack , but how is "superbe" suppposed to be arrogant in French ? :confused: 

    It has exactly the same meaning as in English :wink:
  12. Ciao Julien,

    je me rappelais de cet mot aussi pour "orgueilleux", mais n'est pas comme ci.
    Au revoir :) 
  13. OMG, your commentary brought laughter and tears. I'm glad I wasn't drinking my morning cappuccino when I read it, or it would have come through my nose. You're definitely Italian :biggrin:.
  14. Ciao Frank

    nice to see you again... yes, I'm definitely Italian, no doubt on that.. :)  A proverb here says: "God creates the world and all its nations, then Italians to smile now and then"
  15. jaymc

    jaymc Guest


    Using http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr , it translates "superbe" to be "arrogant" when translating from Italian to English. When transtlated from French to English it is "suberb". :confused: 

    I guess babelfish gets confused sometimes.

    - Jay
  16. VoidRaven


    Jul 13, 2006
    Lagrange, OH
    I am only italian by heritage, and wish I could speak the language just for the sake of it. But I do know a smidge of italian...and by a smidge I mean one phrase...but as any italian will tell you, it's a phrase that ALL italian grandmothers LOVE to hear:

    Nonna, sono affamato! Alimentilo!
  17. If you ever have a hankering to learn, get the Pimsleur CDs. I tried both that and the Rosetta stone and find the former better. Rosetta stone has flashy advertising and the CDs are filled up with images. This is great for vocabulary (nouns) but Pimsleur actually teaches you to think and pronounce correctly.

    I was trying out the few lessons I'd learned in Rome last May and a couple natives on first hearing me thought I was fluent in Italian. This is a tribute to the Pimsleur method. I'm boning up for May 2008 when we go back. If you can make it why not join us at the European Get Together in Tuscany in May 2008 and try out your newly learned Italian?

  18. VoidRaven


    Jul 13, 2006
    Lagrange, OH
    While I'd love to head to italy, and I will someday as my family has roots there somewhere, it won't be in the budget for a LONG time. If it were not for the $$$ all I would have to say to my wife is "Hey honey, what do you think about Tuscany in May?"....she'd be packin' the bags before I could blink!!!!
  19. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    Yeah , apparently it had a few hiccups :biggrin:
  20. Hi Raven

    I already posted it somewhere else.. for Tuscany (around Florence) if you want a really >> GREAT << place to spend a romantic holiday... try here:


    (but remember to have your visa fully charged that month!!! quite expensive for your "light" dollars, I guess about 250-300$ per night)

    All the best
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