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Anyone still Skype?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShaunK, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I know, I'm behind the times... but I'm finally looking into being able to make video calls to family across the country, and Skype is free. I'm wondering about the ease of use, quality, and any 3-way calling options. Anyone with experience? Thanks!
  2. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I call my parents phones with Skype, they're in Sweden. They said they hear me better over my Skype/Macbook than by land phone.

    And sooooooo cheap.
  3. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    One of my wife's sisters lives in Nairobi, Kenya. We Skype with her for obvious reasons!
  4. Check out MagicJack. A friend of mine is using it and it seems to work pretty well.
    It does have a cost but it is only $40 a year for domestic calling. For the $40 you are assigned a telephone number and I think it gives you features such as voice mail & caller ID.
  5. RadarPing


    Feb 14, 2007
    Conroe, Texas
    I use Magic Jack. It's not perfect but does very well. You pay $40 for the device and first year of service. Then it's $20 there after for unlimited use.

    You can choose the area code you want your phone number to be in and the voice mail feature works well. If the device is unplugged your VM will be sent to your email via a wav file. The call quality actually surprised me. It's as good as my home phone and I've even attached a cordless phone to it.

    I do not believe you can make international calls from the U.S. yet but you should be able to call the U.S. from anywhere.

    Couple of bugs I noticed:
    I do not know if it's Vista compatible yet.

    It requires a dedicated USB port. They advise you not to run it from a USB hub. I think it's because most USB hubs do not have the supplemental power it needs to run.

    The unit uses your sound card even when a telephone is attached. If you have any kind of audio coming from your speakers the person on the other end will hear it through the "phone"

    It also occupies a drive letter like a USB drive would. When you plug it in it will assign a drive letter and downloads the software from the net to your computer.

    For $20 it was worth a shot. I'll keep it.

    You can do a Voice over IP quality test by clicking here
  6. Skype works well, especially with the Logitech 9000 cams. I use it to talk with my son in Iraq. Depending on his end we can talk (and video) for about an hour and maybe only drop the connection 3 times. Hot bad for the conditions he is in. Last week his wife pulled us into a conference call - worked like a charm for audio. We couldn't figure out if we could do video or not; I would guess not. None of us are experts but it works and is free to other Skype folks. I also talked to my Dad who is about 5 miles away. Nothing like being able to check out how Dad is doing via video. Try it...
  7. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    my friend and i use it with the built-in webcams in our laptops (HP and Dell) when he travels outside of the US. there is a slight lag, but the IQ and image quality are good.

  8. I don't mind a little lag, or even a few drops now and then... as long as the calls are clear and the video is decent... it's better than still e-mails/pictures! :smile: Thanks all for the thoughts, now off to sign-up/download and try it out.
  9. I (video) Skype all the time with relatives in Holland - I love it!.
    Image and voice lag is virtually non existent and I never have any connection issues. I use "Skype out" also to call land lines in Europe - great quality and connectivity.
  10. My daughter lives in Prague. I'm in California. She "calls" me every Sunday morning and we chat for an hour or so. Occasional glitches, but we just reconnect and carry on, and these times are rare. Now if I can just get her to straighten out her politics, but that's a different matter............

    As far as Skype goes, two thumbs up!
  11. seamus3900


    Aug 24, 2008
    I use Skype almost everyday from Greenland to Scotland and Denmark. I would never be able to talk with family and friends without it as calling Europe from here is about £1/$2 a min on a normal lanline.
  12. i used to skype all the time
    i haven't recently.... for whatever reason
  13. I skype [audio] with my sister in the Netherlands and sometimes with my brother-in- law , a consulting Hydro-Geologist, when he is on an assignment in far away places. Have not used the video capability, but I know that my sister and brother-in-law have successfully.
  14. Well, I just tried to download Skype for Macs, and for whatever reason, it didn't like the download, so now I'll try again. :frown:
  15. I have stopped using a regular phone for any long distance, Skype works that well. Get a headset so you cancel out any echoes!!!
  16. I use Skype everday for work. Voice calls (with a headset) sound much better than the phone. It has worked well.
  17. Globetrotter


    May 4, 2008
    I'll just add to the already positive reviews. I use skype as well to talk with my best friend who's currently living in S. Korea. Part of the reason he's been buggin me to get a Mac is for the video conferencing and I'm glad I did. No lag, video ain't bad, and it's free from computer to computer. Can't beat that.
  18. I just tried the download again, and it all worked this time. I'll be trying it out tomorrow. I'm glad to hear it has so many positive reviews! I can't wait to try it out... BTW, I love that my Mac comes with a built in cam/microphone! Many complain about the extra costs of Macs, but I didn't have to go out to buy $100+ of "stuff" to make this work like my mom did! :tongue: It was download and ready to go.
  19. Hi Shaun,

    I use Skype on a Mac, and it works perfectly. However one suggestion, if you are planning to talk with another Mac user, give iChat a call also - video quality is much better in my experience
  20. Amarok


    Aug 25, 2008
    Prairie City OR
    Yep I use it keep in touch with a couple of friends that are over seas.
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