Anyone subscribe to Nikon World magazine?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt S, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. I am considering a subscription but thought I would see if anyone has some thoughts on the magazine. I have a subscription to Outdoor Photographer but am getting sick of "20 tips for lanscapes" type articles. There is more to outdoor photography than landscapes. I love a landscape photo as much as the next guy but am looking for more in a magazine.
  2. there's.....a nikon....magazine????
    *buys lifetime subscription for one meelyon dollars*
  3. That's kinda what I thought. You can check them out at

    Anyone else??
  4. IxLr8

    IxLr8 Guest

    I do, it's ok... More advertising than anything. They have these guys write the articles and say how good the camera's are. Good photo's though...
  5. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the information.
  6. You do get a nice calendar in the deal...
  7. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I did many years ago, I think they gave me a free year for buying the F5. Nothing to write home about, it was ok for free, but I wouldn't pay money for it. Do you get Kodak's Pro-pass via e-mail? If you do, it's the same type of thing. Not many pages, ads for Nikon gear, new product announcements several months after we hear about them over the net, and maybe a featured photographer (none of whom I had ever heard of before or since).
    I agree the OP has gotten stale, but from what I have seen it's still the best out there. It's the only one I subscribe to on a regular basis, the others I will try a year here and there just to check, but I usually drop them.
  8. I do not know this magazine, but there is another one called Nikon Owners Magazine. It is not cheap. £59, $110, for 12 months.
    If is published and run mainly by the very famous camera shop called Grays of Westminster. see
    Now, the contributors are very very well known photographers, and the quality is superb, but I think that the price is WAY WAY too high for a magazine especially as it is very biased in its events to the UK South East.

    I was offered a founder member original subscription, but I just thought that £65 at the time was a total rip off.

    BW. Bob F.
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