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Anyone used LifePixel for a UV convert?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Wilk, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Anyone used LifePixel for an IR convert?

    Hey people.

    I know this isn't a discussion fourm, but I figured this particular question would get more careful attention here, as it relates specifically to IR.

    [I've moved this thread to the Technical discussion forum, where it may get a bit wider play. I left a pointer in the Night and IR forum, so folks looking for it there will have an easy path to find it here. -c101]

    I'm <> this close to pulling the trigger on spending the $200 and sending my D70 in to LifePixel for a convert. I was wondering if anyone here has had the hutspa to do that? I searched here and found no info - searched that "other" forum :eek:  and there's a wealth of "here's who to send it to" but little if any complaints, so I'm assuming they do a pretty good job.

    I really want to fool around with IR, and even though this is a larger but reversable committment, I figure it's the easiest and perhaps cheapest way to get it done in the long run, especially because I don't have to worry about anything but mounting the lens of choice and shooting hand held (a big plus).

    I"m gonna pull the trigger monday or tuesday, so if anyone has a horror story out there, please thread in! :Bomb:

    As anyone that know's my warped sense of photography may guess, I'm going to use it (or experiment with it) in some very non traditional ways, including night photography. I'm guessing I need to be just a bit careful about flooding too much light on the sensor, but I'll take it easy at first till I get the hang of it - should be interesting at any rate.

    I really wish they could do UV as well, I'm more fascinated with that from what the grand master Bjørn has done with it - truely amazing stuff, but I'll settle for IR atm :rolleyes: 
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  2. My understanding is that a D70 is already amply sensitive to IR. I've seen really wonderful IR from D70's using only the IR filter. Have you not tried that yet? You said you are wanting to get into IR. I can't imagine having my camera converted without having already gotten into IR and shooting with a filter first.
  3. I have the chutzpa to do it if I was certain that this is the direction I wanted to go with my photography. One thing I wouldn't do is to go off half cocked and by that I mean without being sure that is what I wanted. As the previous poster stated, IR filters will produce some really nice images and if you have looked at posts done by Boobie Joe (Yves) you would see what I mean. In addition to taking excellent IR images, much of his mastery of the subject comes in post processing. I would ensure that I knew the post processing part of the equation before I undertook a camera conversion.
  4. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hi Christian,

    I understand your concerns. I've shot IR film back in the day, and yes, I do love it. Thing is, just one IR filter is pretty much the same cost as having the cam converted, and you're stuck with the same limitations of having to set up and focus on a tripod THEN put on the IR filter. (and yes, I do understand that IR light focuses to a different spot than visible light, I'm already set to test and mark my lenses for IR focus). I'm quite sure it's something I want to get into for experimentation in all types of photography, including street work and macro.

    I know it sounds like I'm jumping in head first, and I am - that's just how I do things :eek:  I actually have 2 D70 bodies, so that will still leave me with a standard backup to the D2x if I convert one cam.

    Thanks for your concern and gut check! I certainly have the guts :Shocked:
  5. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hey Gordon,

    As with my response to Christian, the answer is, yep, I'm good to go. I spend some time doing some research last night and found a PS action that switches the red and blue channels and tested it out on an image I found raw out of the camera, and it works real well. I'm quite sure I'll play around with other things like white balance (not sure it will do anything, but I'll play with it) and other things in NC. I'll also likely do a lot of b&w converts too, which is one of the reasons I want to do this... IR shots make fantastic b&w converts with little other PP needed.

    So, since no one seems to have a horror story (and I spent an hour looking for any on dpreview last night) I'm gonna go ahead and pull the trigger on this, unless I hear or read one between now and monday.
  6. Ok, now it makes more sense. You didn't explain all that from the beginning! Still, I think a filter is cheaper than a conversion. I recently ordered an 89B for about $60, from Harisson and Harisson. There address and phone number has been brought up elsewere in this IR forum. If you're interested and cant find it, tell me and I'll get it to you. Even if you convert the camera, it will still see visible light. Won't you still need a filter so it doesn't interfere?
  7. Sounds like a good plan Wilk.
  8. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hey again Christian,

    Actually, the convert replaces the existing hot mirror filter with an R72 filter, so essentially, the ccd will be covered with an IR filter. The process is explained on their webpage. So essentially, the cam is a dedicated IR camera. That's what's so compelling about it due to the several advantages... no filters, no tripod needed, no step rings, can shoot hand held - the latter being the biggest advantage. Especially for me, while I do use a tripod, the way my creative juices flow, hand held works so much better for me. The process is reversable as well, btw, I could even do it myself if I had the guts, but I'd much rather pay this guy to convert back if it came to that, but I seriously doubt I'll look back on this as a dumb move. :eek: 

    I appreciate all your concerns, once again!
  9. Ok Steve, sounds like you have everything in line for this. I think it's a great idea in that case. Thanks for the link to the web site. I'm just now getting into IR myself, so I appreciate everything new I learn about this. If only my camera will get back from the Nikon shop, and my new IR filter gets here, I will finally start doing some IR myself!
  10. TOF guy

    TOF guy

    Mar 11, 2005
    Consider posting this question on Digital Grin's "Theory, technique & how-to" forum (http://www.dgrin.com/). Andy Williams - a very accomplished photographer :BigGrin: - has had the IR filter removed on at least one of his digital camera (a Sony F828). He was very happy with the company that did it for him (which if I remember well is based in NYC).

    He posted the name of this company on dpreview Sony forum (which used to be the home base of many talented photographers before they moved to dSLR). But he posted so many threads that it may not be easy to find the right one. Worth a check, though.

  11. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    Hey Thierry,

    After much looking around, I found the company: http://www.maxmax.com/ - they do not offer D70 converts though, and are more than twice what this other company charges, so... I guess I'll bite the bullet and try this company. I've since done an exhaustive DPR search, and haven't read one complaint (although didn't see much with respect to results either) - but you know how it goes... if one person had the slightest problem be it user error or to a bad convert, it would have made it to the forum :tongue: . I'm actually quite excited to see how this works out!
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