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Anyone used the Optech dual harness?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Messiah Khan, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Messiah Khan

    Messiah Khan Guest

    I've got an tried a few different straps now, but none have been perfect. I'm tempted by the Optech dual harness now though. Has anyone used it? Any reviews out there of it? Im tempted to see if I could use one side to carry a camera, and the other to support a tripod.

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  2. YIKES! That looks like a camera collision machine!
    I just relegated my 15 year old OpTech to being a backup strap in favor of a Black Rapid. After making my own ghetto version, I got a real one a week or so back. I WON'T be going back to a standard strap any time soon. They make a dual camera version that you should take a look at. Seems like it would be much less crunch prone than that OpTech setup...
  3. garyosborne

    garyosborne Guest

    See those plastic in-line clips in the picture. You'd trust those?
  4. I agree the plastic clips look sketchy, but honestly, I used an OpTech for over 15 years with those clips and they never even came close to failing. It was used to carry all sorts of loads including F4s with the 80-200 (probably the heaviest load).

    That said, the Black Rapid still mops the floor with it! :) 
  5. This is something that crops up in many discussions on straps. I've used this type of clip in industrial situations for a different purpose and have never been let down. Now that I'm retired I don't have a copy of the load specifications for this type of clip, but I have been in touch with Optech regarding this matter and have been assured that in their website update the specifications for the clips will be included.

    Having seen some of the loads this type of plastic clip have been subject to I have the utmost faith in them.
  6. RedTownCats


    Jun 23, 2007
  7. splitpin


    Jul 29, 2009
    agreed the reporter strap looks better for 2 cameras in use.
    if i had to carry a tripod it would be in a case over my shoulder
  8. splitpin


    Jul 29, 2009
    as for the clips i have the opteck quick release on my d700 and even with a heavy lens no concerns at all.no metal to scratch and very adaptable

    kata stuff is well made and designed...
  9. Messiah Khan

    Messiah Khan Guest

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    I've got a BR R-Strap and although its good, it's still not perfect. I find that the diagonal strap ends up pulling and rubbing on my collar bone/neck after a while, and I'm constantly adjusting the strap to get it to sit right. The dual Black rapid setup does look good, and is actually the one that made me look for dual setups. It is however hugely expensive (especially when you add import duties) and not custom designed to be a dual setup, but instead two single straps put together. The jury is out on that one until I see some reviews.

    Yup. Thos clips are extremely tough. I already own 2 Optech straps with those clips and have no fear of them breaking.

    Id rather not have the kit infront of me. Most of the time I would be using the setup for 1 camera and another lens or tripod etc, not 2 cameras. At the moment I really don't like carrying the tripod on the rucksack as it makes it too heavy, and especially top heavy. So instead a tend to carry it (either in hand or over the shoulder). But that takes up my spare hand. So I want something where I can carry the tripod, but also be able to let go if I want to use the camera or give my arm a break. :smile:
  10. Actually, they also have a dedicated dual strap (not the connector)


    Unfortunately, this still leaves the cost issue intact!
  11. garyosborne

    garyosborne Guest

    I'm sure they are very strong. I wasn't trying to suggest they would fail as such (sorry if this was how it was interpreted) it's just they are not fail safe e.g they can be inadvertently "sprung". Such a situation has happened to me not with my camera thankfully. As such i'm probably overly zealous on these matters...my Kata reflex-e has 2 levels of protection involving cable ties etc...or i tend to modify stuff with carabiners. The neoprene is VERY comfy though
  12. Ricardo


    Feb 7, 2006
    I have the http://www.optechusa.com/product/detail/?PRODUCT_ID=24&PRODUCT_SUB_ID=&CATEGORY_ID=4 but I think I'd prefer the new dual harness one. I'd make sure that one camera hung higher than the other though.

    Exactly, the new one seems more comfortable and seems similar to the Blackrapid dual R strap which I like but prefer to use the camera connectors.

    When B&H get them, I may order one.
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