Aperture Exposure Mode/Program Numbers?

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  1. Greetings,
    Does anyone know how to translate the cryptic Exposure Mode and Exposure Program numbers in Aperture EXIF data in terms of in-camera settings -- specifically for the D80?

  2. See replies in RAW processors tech forum

    Please see my replies in the RAW processors tech forum. Readers Digest version: Aperture appears not to read the value from the camera. Using test shots from my D200 in Program, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority modes, Aperture shows a zero value for Exposure Mode in all 3 cases while Lightroom properly reports the relevant exposure setting.

  3. On a Xs it appears that Aperture is 0 and manual is 1, maybe?
  4. My D80 Aperture/EXIF numbers

    OK, here are the modes associated with the EXIF numbers in Aperture for my D80.

    Aperture Nikon Metadata Field Codes:

    Exposure Program
    0 Scene Modes
    2 Full Auto
    4 Shutter Priority
    3 Aperture Priority
    1 Manual

    Metering Mode
    5 Matrix
    3 Spot
    2 Center Weight

    Why Aperture can not figure this out is beyond me.

  5. Check out the Apple Aperture forum

    There are quite a few threads in the Apple Aperture forum about this. There is also a link to post comments and feature requests to Apple. If enough folks complain about this maybe Apple will fix it in a point release sometime before I'm ready for the assisted living facility.
  6. I hope that it is a long time

    Well, it is my hope that you have a long and happy life before you are ready for the assisted living facility -- whether or not Apple figures out what to do with this simple task.

    Enjoyed talking with you about this subject. I think that I have learned a little bit maybe.

    Have a good day! :smile:
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    That's terrific, where did you find this?
  8. I just took some pictures

    Pretty simple. I just took a set of pictures, took notes of what the settings on the camera were, then observed the numbers that were displayed in Aperture.
    Also so I wouldn't forget, I made a "stickie" of these numbers to display when I was running Aperture.