Aperture & Luminar - Before & After

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  1. Here's two versions of a shot of our new truck. Kinda of a tough day to shoot a "pearl" white vehicle!!

    Straight out of the camera ... Rainy F-150 54.

    I continue to manage my images in Apple Aperture, but have livened things up with the addition of Luminar 2018 as it still supports a plugin for Aperture. Using the AI filter and a couple of other adjustments, here's what I finished with:

    Rainy F-150 54 - Version 2.

    Needless to say, I am quite happy with the results!!


    (PS Great truck!! We had a 2015 F150 Lariat but it was the long wheelbase model and I had a deuce of a time here in urbanized Tacoma!! The wide/long turning radius was a real problem!! When I drove a short wheel base (about 12-13" shorter), the difference was dramatic!! I feel like I'm driving a sports car!! Well, maybe not a sports car ... but the difference was really surprising!! I just wish I had checked it out before getting the 2015 ... if I had gotten a SWB initially, I would have never traded!!)
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  2. Nice increase of vibrance and I like the sky treatment.
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  3. Ernie Misner

    Ernie Misner

    Dec 6, 2017
    Hey what a fast and nice result! Try adding a touch of the Sun Rays filter (Luminar) coming in from the bright area in the upper left hand corner for kicks....
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  4. Ernie

    I did play with that a bit but was not very happy with the results. Seemed to wash things out too much. I think I just need to work on the sliders a bit more to get the right combo.


  5. Thanks!!

  6. ijm5012


    Jul 25, 2017
    Pittsburgh, PA
    IMO the sky is way over-cooked. It literally looks like the software just pulled the highlights back 100% (look at the patch of grey in the cloud in the center of the sky), and pushed up the blue saturation (not only is the sky far too blue, but the puddles on the sidewalk/street are also quite saturated as well).

    I haven't tried Luminar, but I do have Aurora HDR and SnapHeal Pro. SnapHeal Pro is OK, although it's really no better than the clone tools available in Photoshop Elements. Aurora HDR though, what a pile of garbage that software is. They hyped the s**t out of it, saying it was going to be the best HDR software on the market, and every time I've used it the resulting merged file is riddled with noise. I achieve far better and more natural results with the HDR module in LR6 (although I am interested in trying out Affinity, as it has built-in HDR and Panoramic stitching as well).
  7. Dayo


    May 1, 2006
    I really like the end result. Well done.

    I think it may be worth looking further into the mentioned sun burst thing for that bright section in the top left. Note that you can reduce the length of the rays as needed
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  8. Played with the "add sunray's" filter (which is, totally cool!!) in Luminar 2018 ...

    Rainy F-150 54 - Verson 3.


  9. Ernie Misner

    Ernie Misner

    Dec 6, 2017
    Yes, that worked! Perhaps not the best candidate for the sun rays filter because of already being pure white up in that corner but still a neat result. I think Luminar will be a kick going forward as they get it sorted out.
  10. Agree on Luminar and I love that they still support an Aperture plug in!! Apparently, they are working on a asset management module for the future and we'll see if that makes it a true alternative for me. LR was not!!

    I think the "sun ray's" feature is totally cool, although like a lot of filters it has the potential for over use. I tend to prefer photography that is "honest" to what I saw. But, a little embellishment now and then doesn't hurt!!


  11. Ernie Misner

    Ernie Misner

    Dec 6, 2017
    Right on. I was thinking of using the sun rays filter in an image that already had the sun peeking through.
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  12. I'm enjoying Luminar 2018 as well. It is true that a number of the presets and filters can overcook some aspects of the image, and with Aurora noise in jpg's can be an issue. The good side is that that there is a lot of individual control over the individual elements of each filter and preset, so it can be dialled back for a more realistic/pleasing (take your pick) image if you like.
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