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Aperture on A Macbook bad idea?

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by alex66, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. alex66


    Jun 13, 2007
    Bedford England
    Im going to get a Macbook come sept, (Ill get lovely student discount) So I was wondering how well Aperture runs on one if any of you have experience of it, I know powerwise a pro would be the sensiable choice but I want smaller and more portable, Ive always preferred the 12" books. Also how well do you find other photographic softwares run on said machines?
  2. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I can't really say concerning Aperture because I only tried the trial version on my MB ( though mine is a Rev A so maybe the Core 2 Duo is a bit more spiffy ). The soft itself didn't really strike me as very intuitive ( but of course I only tried it for a month or so ) so in the end I decided to go with Lightroom and with 2Gb of RAM it works really well on the MB. So if ever you decide to go with a MB I would at least tell you to try out both trial versions and see how they work on your machine.

    In any case good luck :wink:
  3. peterparker


    Jun 2, 2006
    Even on a MBP Aperture's slider performance has been dismal for me. And I use the sliders quite a bit when doing adjustments. Lightroom and CS3 have performed very well.
  4. aperture on my mbp is slooow. lightroom is a little better. aperture on a macbook is asking for trouble.
  5. I agree, I did not find Aperture trial intuitive either. And it did not work well on my G5/1.6 GHz DT. I did not try it on my MBP, too small a monitor. But I do use PS-CS3 on my 15" MBP successfully, and it is very zippy.

    I may take a look at Lightroom again.

  6. alex66


    Jun 13, 2007
    Bedford England
    Thanks Guys looking around the general concencous(sp?) seems to be that the apature is slow on the books. I looked through the specs and it looks like a pro is not much heavier than the standard so Im going to go whole hog, my wife thinks I should. Anyway I was thinking about how I work now (spent the last two years on a pc) and I use Capture for Raw conversion and PS7 for most of the rest. The only other software Ive used a lot was Lightzone on a trial and a linux box and a file viewer. Before the pc I was using an old powermac and PS7, I only used jpegs then though as the cam took 30s to write a raw file.
    Anyway thanks for the replies.
  7. cuttooth

    cuttooth Guest

    i just got a new 17" mbp and did a comparison with aperture and lightroom and lightroom was far more responsive.
  8. I use it on my original version black Macbook with max ram. It works - but I don't think you'd want it as your primary photography work system (would be too slow I think). I use it for file collection and viewing while traveling and then move the projects onto a Mac Pro at home for the real work of editing/storing.
  9. Hi,

    Aperture itself runs without problems on my MacBook (C2D 2 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM), but its performance was not amazing.

    Apart from the - to me at least - strange user interface, aperture heavily uses the Mac graphic card - which is the weak spot on the MacBook. The MBPs and the IMacs should be better for this program.

    In a couple of days, I'll get my new IMac - if you are interested, I can share some experience comparing it to my MB.


  10. alex66


    Jun 13, 2007
    Bedford England
    I would be interested in the performance differences us poor students have to make sensiable choices. OK I wont be a poor student my wife works and im keeping my job byt going part time. The thing that leans me to the macbook apart from size is the £3-400 difference (as I want it) thats halfway to a D200:biggrin: but then im due a fairly big tax rebate and the pro is a much better machine. I hate making decisions, How does photoshop run on a macbook?
  11. If you're thinking of doing any sort of graphics work on a laptop, then I would definitely go with the MacBook Pro over the MacBook. The MBP has a separate graphics card, for one thing, and that can make a difference.
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