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Apologies.......... I'm really a people person!

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Graeme, May 5, 2007.

  1. Recently, I was asked by a very close friend of mine to take some photographs of their 9 year old Doberman, Becky.......... now, I never usually shoot animals.......... "never work with children or animals" comes to mind! :eek:  :eek:  :eek: 

    But, arms were twisted etc etc!

    This is one of the first I have worked on........... C and C welcome as always!

    Saying all of the above........... they have only seen this one image......... and are thrilled............ so......... come on guys and girls....... do you have any pointers for this amateur animal guy???????????


  2. Hey Graeme -

    I can see why Becky's family liked this shot.

    The two most often-heard criticisms of my photos from the CFO are: 1) "Why don't you take pictures of people?", and 2) "That sounds expensive". LOL.

    As someone who has owned and loved many pets, I know that we always want to have their eyes in focus (implying their intelligence and awareness) but for older dogs, I think that a nearly-as-important and sympathetic feature is their greying muzzle.

    It tends to remind owners of how much their dogs have changed, and how much they have been through with the family over the years.

    So - since you asked - I'll offer using a greater DOF, or perhaps a side shot or maybe a 45° angle that shows off both Becky's eyes and her greying proof of her years of service.

    Not that I've ever been able to capture that . . . LOL.

  3. Thanks Eric........ that's exactly what I was looking for.......... many of my people shots use shallow DOF and dramatic shadows and light using natural light........ so I must admit, I felt a little out of my depth here!

    It's funny how we tend to stick to one genre of photography..........!!

    Many thanks for your valuable advice!

  4. I'll be voluntarily trying to step into that realm in the near future (people and pets etc...)....maybe! :eek: 

    One thing I think I would try is repositioning the dog a bit as I don't like the reflection in his eyes in that position. Eric was more or less alluding to that as well. A stop or so down will bring the ears and nose back in a bit. I'd say you'd at least want the nose in focus along with the eyes and tame the reflection a bit.
    This is a helpful question, thank you, as it's helping me to think of what I'll need to be looking at myself.....if I ever get a call that is!! lol :biggrin:

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks Thomas.............. :biggrin:

    As I said before......... I haven't found this easy as I'm out of my comfort zone!

    I'll take your comments on board and try to implement your suggestions.

    I've got several more images to process yet............. so hopefully one or two of those should address the points you have made.

    If I get anything decent I'll post some for you to have a look at! :cool: 

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