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Apple Mac Pro Ram

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by GBRandy, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
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  2. Randy,
    that's a bit steep in price when you can get Crucial Ram (which is just as good as Apple-supplied ram) for a lot cheaper.

    2GB of ram there is $189.

    Sorry, don't mean to be a price police, just wanting to show you what ram really goes for.
  3. Isn't RAM in the Mac Pro supposed to be paired?

    :redface: Sorry -- should've read your linked post BEFORE I commented!! Didn't realize that your Mac Pro had initially come with an option/installation of two 512 MB RAM chips.... I was thinking in terms of a 1 GB chip rather than two separate 512s. Mea culpa!
  4. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    WHAT! Put something other than GENUINE Apple blessed parts in your Mac? You can't do that! No true Apple person would even consider a <ick> third party part INSIDE that wonderful designed case....Tell me you didn't do THAT John.... :biggrin::tongue:

    Apple says this stuff is worth $300 and I'm selling for $200. That's a deal right? :biggrin: It is after all 1 Gig of the real stuff.....
  5. hey, it's your stuff so you can price it the way you want.:tongue:

    All the ram in mine is from RamJet, another high quality ram place. Of course, I don't have a mac pro, so my ram is cheap! :biggrin:
  6. Well, *my* Mac Pro has the genuine Apple RAM because at the time I was ordering my machine (not long after they were finally available) there were not yet too many third-party vendor options and because I decided to take the easy way out, just let Apple install the memory and be done with it. LOL!! Eventually, of course, I'll need to add more RAM myself, but that shouldn't be necessary for at least a year or two....
  7. I thought you have 8GB in that mac pro??
  8. I do. I am figuring that in about a year or so I'll want/need to pump it up to the max of 16 GB RAM. Right now, she's purring like a pussycat and doing just fine, though! Handles anything I throw at her. NO regrets here at starting out at 8 GB RAM!
  9. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005

    I am in the same boat with you: Mac Pro with 8GB (4x2GB). I was going to buy 4 more x 2GB and get 16. But I see 4GB sticks are now available. So I called 2) suppliers and confirmed something which Apple specs do NOT list:

    Mac Pro (both dual and quad core) max out with 32GB not 16GB!!!

    In order to max your speed, a set of 4 identical sticks must be used.

    So I could buy 4 x 4GB=16GB and I would have 24GB with my existing 8GB Ram.

    I asked why the Apple spec lists 16GB max? I was told there were no 4GB sticks at that time when the specs are written. Once written, Apple never changes the spec!

    He suggested waiting 6 months for the 4GB Ram price to drop - it is a matter of time.

    Meanwhile, F15Todd listed his 300VR and I jumped on it with my "memory money" - so I will not be buying any memory soon...
  10. I would think 8GB would last you the life of the machine unless you were doing some serious video editing. Adding more would only be a waste of money and overkill.

    I have been running 4GB in mine for 3 years with 0 problems and I don't want/need more ram.
  11. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    I DO serious high def video editing. I use Final Cut Studio 2 by Apple which just released, and is built to use multi-cores for performance. I also have CS3 Master Collection with Premiere Pro on order, awaiting release. I am confident the HDV content would benefit from additional Ram, especially with Final Cut Studio 2.

    The RAM was "trumped" by a great piece of glass... no regrets.
  12. I am figuring on being quite happy with my 8 GB RAM for a very long time. However, my mantra has always been to have as much RAM as I could afford in a given time and when demands on memory were moving upward to subsequently increase my RAM. This was with Windoze machines, but I have since realized that Macs really are much more efficient with their use of RAM than a Windoze machine is. Years ago I had a Windoze machine built for me and specified 32 MB RAM at a time when 8 MB or sometimes 16 MB was the norm. The salesman wondered aloud why I wanted that much RAM when I didn't need it....I insisted on it and not even a year later software programs had bloated to the point where that 32 MB RAM was necessary and I moved on up to 64 MB.... Eventually I doubled the RAM again in that particular machine but that was really stressing it, so then for that and other reasons I bought a new one.

    With my first Mac, the G5 rev B iMac, I had the store install more RAM to max it out to the full 2 GB possible before I ever left there. Configured my Powerbook to max out the RAM in it when I bought it not long after. I've always tried to stay somewhat ahead of the game when it comes to RAM because I know that eventually it will catch up to me....

    When I ordered my Mac Pro, I knew I wasn't ready to make the full financial plunge for 16 GB RAM and I also knew that it wouldn't be necessary right away, so went with the 8 GB. I am figuring that in another year or so that it will be, for one reason or another, a necessity or at least a desire, to move beyond that. In the meantime i am perfectly happy -- MORE than happy! -- with my 8 GB RAM in that machine. It performs beautifully.

    I don't do video editing, I just use my machine for (stlll) photo image editing, so I think that I'll be just fine for the next little while.....it IS interesting to know that when I AM ready to consider upping my RAM that I could go beyond 16 GB to 32. WOW!

    For right now, I'm more than content with my 8 GB RAM in my Mac Pro and my 2 GB RAM in the iMac and the MBP..... They all do what I need/want them to do and that is what matters!
  13. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    I must admit the 8 gig upgrade is a bit faster.... No takers on my superior Genuine Apple RAM? Hummmm

    The RAM I have came Other World Computing....very cool outfit.
  14. Thanks, Randy, but no thanks....I won't be needing to think about my RAM for another year or so. :smile:
  15. GBRandy


    Feb 28, 2006
    Green Bay, WI
    Hopefully me neither.... the 6 gig I bought to marry up with my exist 2 gig only cost $580. The down side is I now see you can get 32 gig for the MacPro 8 x 4 gig chips....gah....

    No takers for my GENUINE....APPLE Certified 1 gig for $200? Come on it's from Apple! it's worth TWICE that much... :biggrin::tongue::biggrin::tongue:
  16. Hey, Randy, I'm glad that you've upped your RAM to 8 GB.....makes a difference, doesn't it? I am satisfied right now with how it handles Aperture and CS2 and such. I need to get my act together and get CS3 but since I don't use CS all that often because of Aperture it hasn't been a priority.

    Yeah, I should've held off a bit to see if I could pick up the extra RAM at a lot less than what Apple was charging at the time I bought my Mac Pro. Oh, well, live and learn. It's only money....

    Hope you find a buyer for your genuine Apple certified 1 GB memory soon! :smile:
  17. Thats where I get my ram and so far so good.:wink:
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