Aquatic Glow

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by 57corvette, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. My first time trying to shot through glass in a dark room with no flash.


  2. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Wow that is pretty amazing...what type of pp did you use?
  3. bob....
    as seneca said.... pretty amazing
    you MUST tell us more about this image.... please
  4. Great shot Bob! Did you use a polarizer? I think I'm seeing some reflection on the left side.

  5. Nice one Bob....:smile:
  6. Thanks everyone for looking ...... starting thinking this post was going to die a lonely death. I took this shot at the aquarium under the Santa Monica Pier. The room is extremely dark and my lens is not very fast. This is a hand held shot without flash. Unfortunately, there is still some reflections ......... The photo came out fairly well ..... but I didn't like seeing the people in the background. I used a little Lucis to bring out the details, tweaked the saturation, level and contrast. The purple rock at the upper right had a major reflection on it I tried to clone it out. I didn't have a polarizing filter with me. Then added a vignette to darken the outside areas ........

    Thanks again for looking ...... much appreciated.