Aracari feeding in the rain.......

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Tony Ad, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Taken with D500/500mm G VR in the rain. C & C welcome! Thanks in advance for looking.

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  2. What a cool looking bird, is he feeding his young or his bride?
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  3. Wonderfully shot, all the technical issues are great, great 'poses'.
  4. Darrell, I believed he's feeding his young. Thanks for the comment.


    Lew, nice to hear from you again. It's been ages. Are you still traveling to Cambodia whenever you get a chance.
    Thanks for looking and for the nice comment.

  5. Butlerkid

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Stunning! Nice sequence, but #2 is the money shot!
  6. Thanks Karen! Appreciate the kind comment.

  7. It looks like something from Disney. :)
    Well done.
  8. The very first time I saw these birds, I thought they only exist on TV cartoons. Thanks for looking Allan.

  9. Tony, my travelling has been curtailed since Feb 2016 as I've become a caregiver for my wife.
    I do hope to go to Cuba in October when my granddaughter can stay here to take over from housekeeper at night.
    Thanks for asking.

  10. Lew,
    I wish you, your wife and your family all the best. Be well!

  11. Thanks for looking. :)
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