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Are the D2H/D2X "better" than a D1H?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Dave Rosser, May 26, 2005.

  1. I should of course add some riders to that question.
    1. I currently shoot with a D1H
    2. I don't print bigger than A4 (11"x 7.3" to be precise) and, as my printer is a Canon i950 which like most ink jet printers shows no real improvement in quality if sent files over 200dpi, I print at 200dpi.
    3. I don't want to print bigger than A4 - I have a loft full of mounted 20*16 and 15*12 from my film days which have not seen the light of day in 15 years or more, I don't want to add to them, the ceiling might fall down :D  .
    4. My preferred method of showing/viewing pictures these days is the web.
    5. I have just read a review of the F6 (same exposure and focus hardware is D2Hs/D2X) which comments that focus speed is no faster than the F5 (same exposure and focus hardware as D1H) - BTW the review concludes if you have a F100 a good upgrade, if you have an F5 don't bother.
    6. A D2X is just to expensive: £3500 plus another £1000 on a new computer (my current one just about stops when fed a sample D2X NEF I downloaded but is quite fast on downloaded D2H NEF) plus more money for compact flash cards, spare batteries and other odds and ends say an investment of £5000 - this will be much better spent on a (luxury) trip to India to photograph Tigers etc.
    The question then - what advantage has the D2Hs got over the D1H in practical terms. I had thought the D2Hs would get my 80-400 focusing a bit quicker but the F6 review implies it would not. Are the extra 1600 pixels going to be that noticeable on the web and in A4 prints?
    What are the thoughts of those of you who have used both cameras?
  2. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi dave-

    you will get a bit more resolution if you move up to a d2h, a ton more if you move to a d2x. i haven't seen any prints from a d2x, but i can see the difference between a d2h and d1 with 8x12 landscape prints. as can be expected, you won't notice much of a difference for web postings that don't go beyond the resolution of the d1h

    as far as body features go, the d2-series has more focusing points, nine of which are cross sensors. as you've stated, focusing isn't noticeably faster though. the battery life is also greatly improved. you have the option of going wireless too. the vertical grip now has both command dials, viewfinder's bigger, has more information, etc. in all, the d2-series is a better body than the d1-series.

    i suggest you stop by your local camera store and give one a try. bring a cf card and take some shots, play around with them at home, print them out and make an evaluation.

    hope this helps.


  3. I shot with a D1H for a couple of years before the D2H showed up and I find some very significant differences.

    1. The extra MP do help, in that I can now crop a lot deeper.

    2. What really helps the focus, and I do find this personally, is that I lock onto and hold focus better on moving objects. It is true, especially with AFS lenses, that I don't notice it being "faster" as far as moving the lens, but I do find it more "accurate" and the D1H is pretty darned good in its own right. This is also a very "subjective" comment on my part and could be simply self-serving :lol: , but I think that the CAM2000 does make a difference, especially with moving objects.

    3. Battery life, no comparison at all, not even close. I carry 2 batteries for the D2H which together don't weigh any more than 1 for the D1H, and the only time I have to switch is when I have left a half-empty battery in the camera before going out to shoot a gazillion images.

    Now, the question is, how much is this worth to you? Given that you can get a D2H for around $1500-1600 USD used, or around $2000-2300 USD new if you can find one, is the D2Hs worth another $1200 USD or so? I haven't upgraded so you know my opinion on that. Is it worth the difference that you could get for the D1H to a good D2H? Well, I made the switch, so at the time I felt that a $1400 USD upgrade was worth it, and I don't regret it at all.

    So, that's my 127 cents worth, and I'm stickin' by it :wink:

    ps. I agree with you and D2X, sure wish I had ton's of disposable cash :lol:
  4. Thanks for those really useful inputs, they have helped me a great deal
  5. Good morning Dave from foggy - cold - damp CORNWALL.

    Switched from film, Leica, to digital last year. D70 to start and now I have a D2H. Absolutely fabulous camera if you do not need a massive amount of MP, and a new computer!! D2Hs not worth the extra.

    I purchased mine new from a seller I use a lot in Hong Kong for £1500. Digi-rev. There is NO CUSTOMS DUTY on the importation of digital cameras into the UK although there is on film slr's and lenses etc. So all you pay is VAT on the selling price and a service charge. If you want any more info then contact me via PM or direct.

    BW. Bob F.
  6. Hi from hot sun soaked Bristol.
    Thanks for the input. If I upgrade I am beginning to think from the advice received that a D2H (not D2Hs) is the way to go especially as they are now going new for less than I paid for my secondhand D1H two and a half years ago.
  7. AndyWoodward

    AndyWoodward Guest


    Hi from miserable murky Yorkshire!

    I originally bought a D70 but I could not resist the call of the D2H when the prices plummeted. The D2H is an awesome camera that just feels right - it is difficult to quantify what that means exactly, but I love it!

    The speed of focus of the D2H has to be seen to be believed at times! Also, it is not just about speed, the focus accuracy is superb and I am getting way more in-focus images than previously. Another point, and maybe this is wishful thinking, but the tonal quality of the D2H images is excellent offering fantastic contrast and colour saturation straight out of the camera. On the downside, noise can be an issue if you try and recover underexposed images in PP, but that can be corrected

    Hope this helps,

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