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  1. I also see a whole new realm of shower photography! They might really clean up in that market.
  2. I guess you could also rig up the "photo pod" to double as a shower stall when camping. . .:rolleyes: :cool::vamp:
  3. The bears around here would take one look at me in that thing and think, " they come in a convenient, resealable package! More crisp and fresh than ever before!"

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  4. More crisp and DRY and fresh than ever before!
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  5. rick_reno


    Dec 3, 2012
    N Idaho
    It would appear my plastic shopping bag has gone out of style. Nice that the "Numbrella" thing comes with a matching backpack. Gotta write those people, some of those yellow size 40 clown shoes would really make that outfit complete, they're missing a great marketing opportunity. I need to get busy on my drone mounted umbrella - it'll hover over your head and allows the serious photographer to be mobile, it's similar to "Numbrella" but face it - being mobile and wearing size 40 clown shoes is mutually exclusive. Trying to decide if I need the UmbrellaDrone to be battery powered or if I should run it from a battery carried on the person. Need to get in touch with Desmond, he's got a drone....assuming he hasn't blown it up yet.
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  6. web52


    May 9, 2008
    houston tx
    Nubrella looks like an airfoil. Wonder what the lift-off air velocity might be, and if it's stable enough to just keep clicking away on the camera?
  7. gives a whole new method of looking uncool while taking photos.

    -Georgie Beagle.
  8. Not down here in Florida, especially as we move to summer -- it would be more like "simmered in his own sweat".

    I'm also just waiting for the you tube video of some football player crashing into one, maybe sending it bouncing across the field (not that they'd likely be allowed on any pitch).

    Yeah, because photographers are really concerned about looking cool and unobtrusive. :ROFLMAO::LOL::whistle:

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  9. Wonder what that guy's insurance premium against falling over is...
  10. Hey--that opens up the market for a screen version :D:p (but not gator proof!)
  11. They sell insurance for for falling over? Gesh, if only I'd have know, I might be rich.
    See, and that's yet another edition they could market - steel bars. Though shipping is extra. That one is also useful during protests (gas masks that deploy from the top optional).

    There's a whole untapped market here!

  12. Ok, is that cool or what? - No wonder camera sales are declining....

    - Georgie Beagle