Arizona Rocks

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  2. Antelope Canyon is a magical place, isn't it? I think your shots are a little too contrasty, making the rocks look too orange. Was a flash used on the first shot? I like how you have the white balance on the cool side, giving you some blue, surreal light.
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    It is absolutely magical. No flash was used and I actually have two versions of this pic. Let's try this one.

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    Debbi: First let me say that this must be a killer place to visit. I like the streams of light that you have captured. Compaired to other images of this area that I have seen, these seem to have some noise in them or maybe they are just a bit harsh. They also seem to less saturated than others that I have seen. Having said this, I know rocks and sandstone in this color band are difficult to capture. I faced simular issues in Petra, Jordan.

    I like the second shot of the first set. Something magical about the blue light.

    Great job.
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    Like the third one!