Around the Nest....Ospreys

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Louis Champan, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. A few shots from the Osprey nest Jim, Bill and I have been visiting for the pass month. The chicks are about to leave the nest but we missed the first flights.
    DSC_1825 72wf.

    DSC_1245 72wf.

    DSC_1817 72wf.

    DSC_1529 72wf.
  2. I'm running out of superlatives
  3. Quite a remarkable set Louie. Hard to pick a favorite - I like each one.
  4. Great shots all--but love #1, "OK kids, time to get the heck out of here!"
    All so very sharp and perfectly exposed.
  5. Stunning images Louie. What a treat it was to watch these nests.
  6. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    What the others have said, great shots!
  7. Wonderful photography of these beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing these with us.
  8. Louie, you are one with the birds!
  9. photogramps

    photogramps Guest

    Great clarity and detail in these shots, love them all. :)
  10. You stole MY birds ;) These are grand, and so much fun to watch. Next year we have to find a place, maybe sit by the pond a while, so we can catch some fishing sequences as well.
  11. Great birds, good friends, great images - what a lot of fun.
  12. Very good series, I do like #4 - would be a wall hanger for me
  13. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I'm curious which camera/lens combo did you use and how much of a crop are these? (Or, how close were you?)
  14. Mean a lot Randy, thanks.

    Thank you Fred.

    Always appreciate your comments Nick, thanks.
    Thanks Jim, this was quite a morning you and I had.
  15. That 1st one's just sick, Louie! (y)
  16. Thanks much.

    Thank you Gordon, I appreciate your comments.

    Thank you so much Dossy.

    I most appreciate your comments, thank you.

    Thanks Bill, for sure we'll have to spend a bit more time around the nest on our next trip.
  17. Awesome set!
  18. Thanks everyone very much for all of your kind comments. I was using a D5 with the 600mm lens with a TC1.4 attached for these shots.
  19. Just an awesome set Louie!!!!!
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