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    There was a very interesting thread over in the Bird/Animal forum that Gordon Large started that had some very interesting responses, so I have provided a link for all to read, and for discussion reasons I am reposting my reply here to continue this interesting topic here in the discussion forum.

    I was late arriving to the above thread, but thought that some might have missed it here.

    Gordon brought up the question on what is art? Tough question!!!
    I have studied, "what is art," written extensively on the topic, I have researched aesthetics, and throughout my entire arts education career I have taught, what I term: aesthetic art education.

    First let my state that in my humble opinion: there isn't a right or wrong answer to that question...... but..... :biggrin: here are just a few very brief thoughts of mine on this most interesting subject.

    In our world today defining Art is a touchy subject, some think that it must have an emotional response, others think that intent to produce art is a better definition, while others think that if they are exhibited, then they are art. These are the three current modern day thoughts on "Art."

    I, based upon my personal beliefs and education, fall into the first two categories in a combined sense, I think you can have an emotional impact without intent, and you can have a strong intent without an emotional response. In both cases I believe art can be found in one or the other methods, but the best has both occurring concurrently.

    As an amateur photographer I like landscapes, big skies, and abstract scenes and objects. I look for art in all aspects of my everyday existence. My documentation is now primarily with event photography or recording my daughter’s life and her dance recitals and concerts, and general birding.

    Some of my documentation shots are art, but many aren't. All other photography I take now is usually in an attempt to create art. To create an emotional response. I am not creating for others though. I am creating for me, for my reflection, for my own aesthetic experience. If others are touched by my creativity, so much the better, but it is not needed.

    With regards to photography and processing, I am not preoccupied with getting the processing correct and perfect. I do the best and strive to learn to do better, but I realize that some folks are artists with PS and can indeed elevate an image into Art. Others digitally manipulate images to create art, or create art digitally.

    In closing with this ramble, Visit my favorite art site on the www, and let me know your thoughts. Take the time to visit Bjorn's (nfoto) site and look at his artitistic images. Look long, look at many artists, look for their style, and hopefully be moved aesthetically. An unusual work of Art I created also follows, yes it is a photograph of a static object, manipulated a bit in PS, but does it elicit a response or reaction from you? good or bad? Stare at it for a while, dive into it visually, and let me know what you think...... Some folks get very stressed out about this image... :smile:



    My piece is titled "Shudders" (a play on the word Shutter)

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