Art Object with Raindrops: Abstract Composition

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  1. This is the latest in my series on the art object, which I enjoy photographing because of the interesting ways light falls upon it. This morning I found it scattered with raindrops on the surface, due to our unseasonable recent June rain.


    P.S. There are more in this series here:
  2. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Liked em both,

    very creative & unusual. I do have to comment about the need to do an extra click to see your images. Most ppl are just too lazy to do this, so that may be why you're not seeing so many replies. You might consider a website that allows hot-linking, so you can embed your pics!
  3. Thanks, Steve. I created my own website and I have a whole lot more to learn. The feedback I get from you and others is incredibly useful. The best ways to present and organize images is an ongoing process. :) FYI, it also means creating and archiving images for multiple purposes and creates even more needs for redundancy and backup!

    I'm using Dreamweaver now because that's the industry standard, but I really curious to see what will happen when Adobe acquires the upstart Macromedia. Nobody seems to talk about the antitrust issues of this merger. I'm still getting into the CS2 suite and it's clearer that Adobe is trying to keep "GoLive", Dreamweaver's competitor, in the mix.

    aka beaucamera
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