Articulating LCD screens kick butt

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  1. I like the "flip-out and twist" view of the world when trying low angled (with my tired old knees), high angled (rather than shooting blind and hoping for the best) or for that matter candid shots. It is the biggest thing I miss about shooting with my 5700. Below, are two shots I would likely not have captured (or at least not as easily) with my D70.

    Last summer my brother-in-law, Marty and I went out trolling for walleye pike on a lake in northern Arizona. Marty had a canoe with and electric trolling motor and raised seats that made for a comfortable but somewhat tip-prone ride. Standing up with an expensive piece of electronic equipment would have been foolhardy. The sun was setting behind the clouds and this colorful view last just seconds. I got this shot angle well framed (needing minimal cropping) by holding my CP5700 over my head with the LCD screen angled down. I guess I could have shot blind holding my D70 over my head but as I said, the colors lasted only seconds and I would have been shooting blind. I often wonder how many in-frame shots the “pros” get when shooting overhead with their SLRs. BTW, we didn’t get so much as a nibble :frown: , thus the joke of “Walleye Action” on the shot (I sent a print to Marty).

    Also, my way of interest, have any of you heard of the infamous “green flash” just as the sun sets? I have never seen it and didn’t notice it at this sunset. But if you look right on the horizon where the sun is setting you can see what I assume is the “green flash”. I’ve never heard of the 5700 lens being prone to green fringing :rolleyes:

    I got this low-angle shot of a friend’s pug by sitting cross-legged with my 5700 propped on one knee while snapping my fingers over my head to get the pooch to glance up. Framing the shot was a snap with the swiveling LCD. I could pan with the dog, frame, snap my fingers and fire the shot whenever the dog stayed in one place long enough. Setting my D70 on a low tripod and getting this active dog to sit in one place while I got it to glace up would have been virtually impossible.
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  2. I think you have come up with a really neat use for the articulating screen. Your dog shot is excellent in every way.
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