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at&t vs. verizon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by karma2, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. karma2


    Mar 10, 2006
    Hi, in a couple of months my family plan with Verizon will be up - wahoo! Now, I have four people on this plan. My oldest daughter and her husband switched to at&t last Christmas when they got iphones as gifts. So, consequently THAT is where all our minutes are spent. We are thinking we will switch to at&t so we don't use minutes - plus at&t offers rollover minutes and verizon does not. Also, it is my understanding that I can get a blackberry with at&t without a data plan - which I think is ridiculous at an additional $30 a month. I found a couple of phones that feature wi-fi that I could use in a pinch for internet. My needs are a solid phone that will play mp3's and videos and has some kind of camera/video for fun stuff. The others on the plan only talk with there phones or the two younger ones text a lot.

    Now to my question....I've heard verizon is better for coverage and fewer dropped calls. Is this true? Is it an issue? Anyone who has had both services can you chime in with your experiences? :confused: 
  2. I would not go with AT&T... one of the gals I work with just switched from AT&T to Sprint because of the receptions issues. I would look at Sprint & the plans to compare, as they have a lot of phones iwht the features you are looking for. I have the LG Rumor, it plays MP3, has a keyboard for texting, but it's not big & bulky like a Treo or Blackberry... Just my 2 cents :smile:
  3. I tend to travel a bit with the job and have used both Verizon and ATT, and actually had both phones at the same time. I can firmly say "it depends"...

    Verizon at my house in So. California is better than ATT. However with a new iPhone and ATT they are equal, at my house.
    .....the phone definetly seems to play a role based on my testing. As I travel across the US.....reception varies depending on carrier a bit, and depending upon location. If you primarily use your phones in the home area .....I'd check in with local users and see what their experience is....
    In general my experience finds both carriers to be fine....but its all about location, location.
    Good luck with your selection....I know I haven't helped much.
  4. I would check the coverage / reception in the areas you frequent the most and base the descision on that.
    Also, if you have a car that you bluetooth with be sure the provider has a phone that will work with the car.

    Personally I've been very happy with Verizon, but I only use the phone for...well, talking:smile:

    I don't text, or web, or music or any of that other stuff.

  5. latazyo


    Apr 23, 2008
    dont they all share towers anyways?

    I just switched from verizon to ATT

    I switched to ATT b/c IMO verizon is a rip off
  6. Again, it depends on your area... does ATT offer a trial period? I have ATT, and for my area, it is much better than Verizon.
  7. Last trip out to New Mexico Verizon got coverage in areas ATT couldn't touch. The only reason I would switch to ATT is for iphone which is not in my horizon.
  8. Verizon usually has better coverage. My son travels a good bit in rural areas, he uses 3 different services, and he says Verizon serves him best, at times he was able to text when he could not make a call, he never understood that.

    This may not be a practical option, as for as free time goes, but the last time I checked, Alltel had the best coverage; I think they use everyone's towers.
  9. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    AT&T by far is the best I have ever had. If you plan on ever getting an Iphone...At&t would be the provider.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2008
  10. karma2


    Mar 10, 2006
    I don't know how to post what others have replied here but I will address the issues that pertain to my situation.

    I don't really want an iphone-I don't like just a touch screen I would rather have a keyboard. Also, I am hoping to avoid a data plan.

    I talked to a guy at the at&t store and he admitted that verizon can and does put towers in a lot of places that at&t doesn't. This tells me at&t does not use the verizon towers.

    I live in Idaho and travel to Phoenix and Palm Springs fairly regularly. We spend a few months in Phoenix in the winter and only use our cell phones there. Otherwise I do go to fairly remote areas of Idaho and with my current verizon service get coverage except when out hiking in the Sawtooths or something.

    The main reason I'm considering this is to be on the same network as my daughter/son-in-law as they are the only ones I talk to a lot that aren't on my network. I basically talk to my family and closest friend on my cell and the rest are on my plan or already with at&t.

    I know at&t has a 30 day trial so I could try it out I guess. Hmmmm....
  11. Why would you want a Blackberry without a data plan?
  12. I know the AT&T coverage in Phoenix is very good because my wife's family lives there and we visit often. We have AT&T because my wife travels out of the USA often and AT&T uses a GSM network which is the same technology as most of the world. Verizon (and most US carriers) uses a CDMA technology. So as a side note Verizon and AT&T cannot share antenna's on towers.

    We recently moved from the Washington DC area to Mexico City, Mexico. The AT&T phone service worked fine across the US and into Mexico without any drops.
  13. karma2


    Mar 10, 2006
    "Why would you want a Blackberry without a data plan?"

    I would only use the calendar/contacts on a blackberry, but I do want to sync to my computer calendar where all my appts. are kept. Otherwise I don't need internet on my phone.
  14. BamaVan


    Jul 11, 2008
    In all most all instances, Verizon and AT&T do not own the towers. The tower companies lease to most cell companies so you might have ATT, VZ, TMobile and Sprint all on the same tower. The coverage is largely the same unless of course you happen to be "out" and then it will depend.

    The data coverage will vary according to each companies target market. So even though they might be riding the same tower, one may opt for data service from that tower, while the other may not.
  15. latazyo


    Apr 23, 2008
    since you live in Idaho, I agree that its important to check out the coverage and see if it is acceptable

    I lived up in ND and MT my whole life and there still is not much coverage up there off the major highways
  16. mdruiz


    Feb 18, 2008
    Orlando, FL
    As a employee...some of these comments hurt...Im going to go cry in a corner now.
  17. Verizon is far superior in the Minneapolis, MN erea. I would suggest checking the signal nd clarity in your area.
  18. devo


    Sep 22, 2008
    Philly / SoMD
    The data plan will be required in order to get the phone. BUT, you will be able to cancel it after say, 3-5 months. (or at least you should be able to remove that bit of your serivce. so, don't quote me on that. Double check that with your local AT&T store.)

    Also, make sure you are getting your information from an official AT&T store, not an Authorized Reseller. In my experiences, the authorized resellers dont know jack.

    As far as which company, personally, I have AT&T and love it. I am not a fan of verizon simply because of their business practices. They are very notorious for changing the firmware on the phones so that you have to use their services for ringtones, walpapers, etc. (Ex. you can not put an mp3 on an SD card or the phone and set it as a ringtone. you have to use VCAST). AT&T does no such thing. (in case of the iphone, that is apples doing, not at&t.)

    sorry for that last part.... :( 
  19. Debbi

    Debbi Guest

    Definitely check the coverage for the areas you will need. I have had Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. I was constantly dropping calls with Sprint. Last year, we switched from AT&T to Verizon because my husband was working in North Dakota for 6 months. With AT&T, he had drive 10 miles out of his way to sit on the side of the road to call home (real fun in the winter). With Verizon, he could call from anywhere. I've also traveled extensively this past year and not once have I not had signal - that includes the mountains in CA, the desert in NM, or camping in some remote area.
  20. Stef


    Nov 1, 2005
    Peoria, AZ
    I live in Phoenix and travel to LA by car quite frequently. I have AT&T and can talk most of the way from Phoenix to Los Angeles with no loss of coverage.

    I agree with the other person that asked why you would want a Blackberry without the plan. I have the Blackberry Curve, (which I traded to after using the iPhone which I didn't care for) If you just want calendar, etc, you would be better off just finding a different phone. As I understand, you MUST sign up for the Blackberry plan when you get the phone.
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