Attack of the killer sea gulls

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  1. When we had a guided tour at Helgoland last weekend we approached an area with sea gulls nests. This fierce looking guy was defending his nest against me, he flew a dozen attacks on me. Every time he flew straight towards me, close over my head, made a real intimidating sound and repeated the maneuvre. I was glad that he had no bombs on board to threw on me...:smile:

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    You are indeed lucky you weren't pelted with gull POOP !! :biggrin:
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    Just what Ben said , I was thinking the same thing...lolol
    Super shot
  4. Interesting pose on that one, Andreas
  5. I was just afraid of having to send my brand new D200 back to the Nikon Servie covered with gull embarrasing :)
  6. Lovely pose, but I don't think you were in much danger.
    Gulls are cowards - Arctic terns are the real warriors (so are some skuas/jaegers I believe). I got pecked a dozen times and decorated again on Inner Farne on Saturday. I'm still processing the photos, but I'll try not to keep you waiting too long :smile:

  7. what an awsome shot! Nice going there!
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    Kamakazie Gull for sure.
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  9. Like the DOF, really zinged it.
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    Hmmm, sound like Steven King time:)

    I always like Seagull shots, while come they are such pretty flyers.