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Attempt at a Fashion Shoot (large-ish)

Discussion in 'People' started by bendheim, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Some of you were kind enough to help me the other day with advice for a fashion shoot. Well, it takes more than just a few posts to learn this stuff! I never ever do this sort of thing, I'm just a street journalist with none of the skills required for glamour, neither the technical ones, nor the babe-coaxing ones. Well, these are some of the humble results of my efforts, but as they say, "you can't polish a turd." I have a lot to look thru to find a few, hopefully, for publication. Well, the setting, at Durban's harbour sheds was colourful.




  2. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    You nailed the exposoures, Peter

    SO, you didn't have to use fill? These look spot on sir! Did you shoot in the shade?
  3. Thanks Steve!! Fortunately, there was a nice late afternoon haze (which you can see reflected in the truck window), which softened the light nicely...Your advice was much appreciated!
  4. OH WOW!! PETER!! Your shots are fantastic!! Beautiful color on some beautiful people. :)  :)  :)  :) 
  5. Don't you love it when the weather cooperates. Excellent images Peter with great colors.
  6. Stunning colours and very nice pics.

  7. Out of interest...

    We may well use one of the pics on the magazine I edit....MetroBeat.

    This is our designer's initial look at layout.

    I'm not wild about the crop, but that's an issue when paper size is metric and the sensor format is different...Sigh!

    UPDATE - Our designer says we'll do a collage on the front page of some of the other images with this as the central one, so we can use the whole pic, uncropped.

    NOTE - I'm posting this, and I'll post the next "version" if you like, just in case some of you are interested in the process.

  8. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Boy, Peter, I do like that cover!

    And, yes, I do want to see the other (collage?) version too. Very, very nicely done! Another thing, I'll bet that's some mighty pricey denim she's donning, isn't it?! Pretty avant garde stuff, imho, but I do like it.
  9. My last shot was my favorite! If you don't mind me asking what were shooting with and at what settings? Thanks!
  10. tweber


    Feb 12, 2005
    St. Louis
    The colors are great


    I think the street journalist in you found the perfect locations and then you must have awakened the dormant fashion guy. These are really well done.

  11. Thanks

    to all for you kind comments, and especially to Steve S for his good advice, which I really appreciated.

    Thanks, Jonathan. All with D2H, some with 24-120VR, quite a few with the 17-55, including the last one which you like. Most in M mode, some in A mode, all at ISO200. WB set manually. Oh, I took a flash with but didn't use it. I'm dead scared of using flash, because a - I don't own an SB800, b - I can't ever seem to get natural results with one (but there are many who can, so I think it's me that has some significant learning to do) and c. I've always done natural light.
    My settings are not that different from the standard, except I've been experimenting with Hue+3 for skin tones (which some say is better) and I always set my contrast lower than normal (the African sun is much brighter and harsher than Europe, for eg) Oh, and I haven't shot in anything other than RAW since I owned an S2.
  12. That 17-55 lens is awesome! Your natural light stuff is just fine. One of my favorite shooters on dpreview stefan, http://www.stefan-rohner.com shoots all natural light and his portraits rock. It's probably best that you shoot in your own comfort level anyways. I really wanted that lens, but for some reason I can't justify spending that much on a short range tele. If my job was paying I would, but out of my own pocket I'd rather spend it on a 70-200 VR or something, but eventually I'll find a way to get that lens into my collection! :) 
  13. Jonathan, I have to say that the 17-55 is worth the money, every cent, to me. It stays on my camera most of the time; it's my default lens - just the right amount of wide and short zoom for most of my work - the violins story in the Photo Essays was exclusively with that lens. I used my 14mm Nikon a lot before I had this, but it was never quite right on digital (now sits in a box) - the 17-55 is sharp, quick and really well constructed - I think as good (well, almost) as the legendary 17-35.
  14. Excellent shots Peter. Superb colors. Thanks for sharing.
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