Auto ISO - how to set high point to 640

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  1. I believe I read somewhere here that some people use Auto ISO but only set the highest ISO at 640. My D200 only shows 400 and 800 but nothing in between. Am I missing something?
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    I checked pages 33, 34 of the user manual and setting b1 and b2 but can't figure how it can be done. Hmmm. BTW, the D2x is limitted to a max of either 200, 400 or 800.

    - Jay
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    Jan 6, 2007
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    Is this in the auto mode only or in changing tha iso in general?
    Just a quess here but you can set the D200's ISO to full, half or third stop incroments. Check to see if you are set in full stop.

    custom setting,b, b2

    Just checked in camera looks like auto ISO is full stop only:confused:
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  4. I think you can only set your auto ISO to full stops but the camera can set its ISO 640. I use auto ISO and sometimes I get a ISO of 320 but I can't set it to 320.
  5. Exactly.
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