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Autumn colour in Scotland

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by puzzle, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. These photos were taken on different occasions a few weeks ago, before and after some very wet and windy weather which removed most of the leaves from the trees. It was also before and after I got my new camera, so the first of the D50 shots are very experimental - they have not come out very well. Light too low, so shutter speed too slow for the focal length.

    Although these are the best (or at least my favourite :smile:)  of the bunch I know they aren't great, so your critique is very welcome and appreciated!

    #1 - through the woods

    #2 - trees in sunlight

    #3 - tunnel

    D50 shots
    #4 - variety of colour

    #5 - stages of decay

    #6 - green & gold

    #7 - this one's so shaky it's embarrassing! But I like what it would have looked like....:biggrin:

    Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed the walk around my part of the world :smile:
  2. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I like the second to the last best. What are you doing for post processing? Several of the shots could be improved by adding color saturation, and some levels adjustments could make things pop.
    When I set up my D100 to shoot jpegs, I set the tone (contrast) at low, sharpening at off or low and make the corrections in Photoshop. You can always add contrast and sharpening, but you can't take it away.
  3. Thanks Baywing - most of the pictures I show on the web have a basic levels, contrast and saturation adjustment. The problem is I never know if I've gone too far so I maybe err on the side of caution too much. I have not altered the in-camera settings yet, I'm still trying to get used to the camera.

    Also, I use 2 computers and even though I have calibrated both monitors the images look quite different on them both - I never know which one to trust!

    Thanks for the ideas
  4. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    It's not always easy to do stuff for net display. The monitor I use at work, well, s*cks, to say the least, but I have found that my own shots aren't too far off. The bottom line to all this is, if the shots please you, that's what counts. I still listen to suggestions after as many years as I've been doing photos, I just try everything and dump that which doesn't work for me.
  5. Well you will get on track with your new D50 after a few hundred shots "~}. I also like #6 the best for its colour and nice contrasts.
    The first photo is tough to compose/shoot well because it's very complex. I'd change the angle of the shot to try to bring out the detail of the dried grasses in the front a little more. In #2 I'd also try a couple of different angles so that I got more of those dramatic shadows into the frame.
    (BTW, it takes me about a few thousand shots to get on track with any new camera !! And I may never be on track with my D2X. )
  6. Thanks Andrea! Next time I take the camera out, I will have to remind myself to MOVE My FEET lol :biggrin: (what my tennis coach used to say :smile:) , I tend to stick to the path when I'm walking and so might miss some better angles
  7. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Hi Puzzle

    I like these a lot.

    Some beautiful colours lurking there.

    Looks like you were having a great time as some nice shots.

    Hope you dont mind but I played with one in Pshop to make it pop a bit and came up with this.

    Obviously will delete immediately if yo[​IMG]u prefer.

    However, hope you like.

    All the best

  8. All really great shots with lots of vivid color. I particularly like #4 and #5. Thanks for sharing them.
  9. Hi Ray,
    I certainly don't mind anyone playing with the pictures - it's kinda interesting to see what other people's take on them would be. And it's flattering to me that you would go to quite so much trouble as to replace every single speck of overcast, washed out sky with one so nice and blue as this one LOL :biggrin:.

    The adjustments are further than I would go - but then I have the psychological barrier of knowing what that dull evening light was really like, and if the light and colours had been just this gleaming then I would have taken more pictures and rejoiced in them :smile:.

    Thanks again, and glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Thanks warren, I appreciate you looking. I find it interesting knowing which ones catch people's eyes, and it seems there's something in each of them that different people like.
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