Autumn evening sun

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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to share some pictures I took a few weeks ago, when the evenings were lighter. I was walking the dog through some woods and fields near my house - I don't normally take a camera on such walks, but this evening the light looked special so I brought my little coolpix along. The very last of the sun was just throwing its light before setting.

    #1 - last light on the hay bales

    #2 - tree in bright light

    #3 - moon is up, light is all but gone

    Thanks for taking a look, I would love to hear what you think, including any criticism and suggestions for improvements :redface:
  2. I like the first image as it is. the second could be good but the dark fence serves as a barrier to effective viewing. It's almost as if you are saying keep out. The third image would be better if you brightened it up a bit and again the dark fence is a distraction and adds nothing to the scene.
  3. Hey there Puzzle. I really like the third one.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks Gordon and Melissa for your comments. Gordon, I know what you mean regarding the second one - I would have liked that tree to be the other side of the wall so i could have caught it in a row with the others and the bales in front. I tried a masked levels adjustment to lighten up the wall but I didn't feel it worked, I should try it again.

    Melissa, the first shot is the 'one' I went looking for, but I was quite taken with the third one which is why I showed it here. I know it is dark - it could probably stand even more of a crop underneath as Gordon says, the wall doesn't actually add anything - but the gloom of approaching night is what the pic is reminding me of so in this case I don't mind the dark too much.

    Thanks both of you :)
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