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Autumn scene

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Pa, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Any suggestions for improving this? Shot in RAW, converted with PS/CS, cropped, applied TLR Capture and Output sharpening, and increased color saturation a tad.

    What else should I do?

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  2. I like this image this image the way it is. If I had been so lucky to have taken it myself, I probably would have applied some tonal adjustments to bring out the darker detail and push the midtones, and I probably would have increased saturation a tad more. But then I'm not sure that would make this any "better". The only significant improvement I can imagine would be a trout rising in that pool.:wink:
  3. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I agree it's nice as is, but I think this shot might be a good candidate for steepening of the a/b channels in LAB mode to bring out the subtleties in the foliage and stones.
  4. Nice image Pa. I will say that the dead tree on the right fights for my attention with the beautifully colored tree. I might be tempted to make this a square format image with the right cropped off.
  5. How did you know what I was doing there ? I had been fishing for three hours without so much as a touch to nymph or streamer, when I decided to see if I could get some keepers another way.

    I do appreciate the suggestions; they sound like good ones, and I'll try them.
  6. My $.02....

    It's a good picture and I'll be the first to admit I don't know a lot about PP so I won't talk about something I'm very unfamilair with.

    However from a compositional point of view (and it is hard to even offer anything constructive about this since I wasn't where you were when you took the shot) It lacks a little something. There is a hint of water at the very bottom edge of the photo, which appears to be catching a slight reflection of the brilliant colors of the one tree. Maybe having a little more of the water in the bottom third. Then there is the one tree which to me really sells the picture. The trees to the right don't really add much to the photo, was there anything else around to offer more of the autumn colors that could be captured along with it?
  7. Pa,
    I'd rather just react emotionally to images than analyze them and my response, but, after seeing some of the responses of others, I felt the need to explain my previous comments.
    I don’t see a colorful tree or a stream and some rocks. What I do see is a wonderful point/counterpoint kind of image. I see the brilliant leaves on the left contrasted with the dark and mysterious woods on the right. I see the short stubby rocks contrasted with the tall narrow trees. I see the stream as a thread that ties the other pieces together.
    As for the trout, I remember this kind of scene from my boyhood days along feeder streams of the Esopus; from later days along the Beaverkill and Willowemac; and, more recently from Jerry Snider's photos along the north fork of the Mills.
    If my response makes me seem biased and not objective, that's what a good photo will do to you.
  8. Bob, I appreciate this and it is just the response I was seeking at an emotional level. Unfortunately, there is a paved road with a powerline just out of the scene to the left, with an artficially constructed concrete berm to keep the stream from washing out the road. It is what we call a "put and take" trout stream: the state stocks it with trout once in the Fall and twice in the Spring. The bait and hardware anglers follow the hatchery trucks and promptly clean out the trout, leaving copious quantities of beer cans, candy wrappers, and "Power Bait" containers on the banks.

    A few wise old brown trout have endured all this, and that is what keeps me coming back. It is still a beautiful stream if you get a few yards away from the road.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
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