B&W along the river - DR testing

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  1. Here are three shots from a walk I had last week-end with some friends along a little river in the forest. They are from my last roll of Portra BW400, all done with a Nikkor 20mm and an F80.
    The conditions are typical and very demanding in terms of DR : mid-day sun, some clouds and deep shadows under the canopy.
    These are the times when I wished I had a max of DR. I had my film processed in C-41, by a good lab. I then scanned it with a Coolscan IV ED. This probably left some of the DR out. The 12-bit image was saved in NEF format and post-processed in Nikon Capture Editor. My next tries will be with the KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film.
    I have read that the Fuji S3 Pro can handle up to 10 EV. Has anyone here experience of shooting under similar conditions with that specific DSLR ? Sandi, if you ever see this one...

  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful images Christian.
  3. Nice images Christian but I must admit that it leaves me wanting to see them in color.
  4. You are both too generous...
    It was a kind of a challenge to do B&W in there. Without colour, one's left with shape and design. Obviously, these are hard to compose with a 20mm in a forest. It was my choice - for the challenge precisely. I was left with the light, hoping to grab as many shades as possible. I admit I am not really satisfied though. I bet the negs still hold more than what the scanner has pumped out.
  5. Very nice!!

    Nice ones Christian, I really like compositions.
    Thanks for sharing.
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