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B&W wedding processing

Discussion in 'People' started by Mike, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. This is a shot from a wedding on Saturday and I think it would make a good B&W, but have no idea how to get a good conversion.

    Looking for input as to yea or not, and if yea ....how.


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  2. I think it would make a terrific black and white. I took a stab at it. I hope you don't mind. HERE is a link. I use Paint Shop Pro. I created a script that I use for most conversions. HERE is the text of the script. I think it can explain things much better than I can type. I can't take the credit for the "save" part, that I got from Fabrice Roux. Also, our very own Sheilsoft has some wonderful scripts that I use. I have also used Virtual Photographer. I know many others here use other plug-ins and techniques with great success.

  3. One of the better B&W plugins is Fred Miranda B&W Pro. It is inexpensive and gives you lots of options for your conversion. This is a stellar image and would make a great B&W. I thought Greg did a nice job with his conversion, it has nice tonal range from black to white. I would probably clone out the piano and perhaps even consider a different format to let you cut down on the lost space on the sides.
  4. tomj


    Feb 5, 2006
    I think this image would make a fine B&W being that you did a great job in capturing the image in the first place. You didn't blow any of the whites and there is a good tonal range with some nice shadows.

    I use an action by John Caponigro for all my B&W shots. It is not a quick one-step conversion by any means, but it is what I have used for sometime. I always add a few adjustment layers in the mix as well. I normally do a slight high-pass and then a levels adjustment as well.

    I did a quick stab at your image and came up with this. I first ran the B&W action on it and added an "overlay" high-pass layer set fairly low. I then adjusted each of the three RGB layers created by the action until I liked the look. I cloned out the stuff behind the subjects using both the healing brush and the clone stamp. I finished it off with a vignette using a NIK plug-in, but this can be accomplished using PS alone.

    Here is what I came up with. I will promptly remove it if you want me to.

    If you want a copy of the Caponigro action, let me know. It was free for downloading when I got it.

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  5. I think folks go overboard with plug-ins and such with B&W's. I simply choose the channel mixer in PS, click monochrome and adjust the sliders until I have a total of 100 (give or take a couple) and the image looks good to my eye.

  6. I used to do all my bw conversion using lab or the channel mixer, but now im using Exposure (alien skin plugin) that has alot of presets and alot of controls to modify them.

    My goal for a image like this would be to keep all the detail in the white dresses, and keep the image soft with not to much contrast. Personally i feel blown out areas in the dresses shown in some of the examples here detract from the subject. If it was a bw of a man i wouldnt hesitate to blow some highlights.

    In the end its all about how you would think the image would present the subject in the most flattering way.

    bw conversion using exposure, a touch vignetting and a little softning.
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  7. Greg,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment I like the conversion.


  8. Tom,

    I like the way you cropped and cloned the background, the conversion has a little to much contrast for my taste. Thanks for taking time to give me some good ideas.

  9. Brian,

    That is very nice and similar to Gregs' . I'm going to give this a shot and see what I can come up with!


  10. Paul,

    Thanks, I think that I like the softer look also.:smile:

  11. Btw forgot to say that its a great capture, given the condition (I assume this was game day and not a planned session) id say you nailed it.
  12. Paul,

    Thanks....It was game day!

  13. Hi, Mike! I liked it better in sepia than in b&w.

    I converted to b&w using the channel mixer method, and then colorized using the hue/saturation utility. Then I cloned out the back of the piano, selected the important parts of the picture with an elliptical marquee, and applied a vignette. Finally, I cropped to an 10X8 aspect ratio.

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  14. Frank,

    Thanks for your efforts and explanation. This is very nice!

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