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  1. Great egret chicks, Wak Delray Beach



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  2. Love these...! :)
  3. AWWWWWWW......... Aren't they just adorable!!!!
  4. Cute! How were you able to shoot down on their nest at 400mm? Levitation??
  5. thanks Mitch

    the nest is very close to the boardwalk and the sun was right on it, there was a line of shooters, after my west coast tour I'm done with places like that, too many people and the angle messes up the perspective of most shots. something about laying in the muck at Ft Desoto that I love (seriously)
  6. Terrific set, shots many of us would love to get.
  7. thanks Louie
    it's very rare to get 2 this close with this kind of light
  8. Love these....walking beaks...beautifully done Randy.
  9. I like the first one best due to their head positions. I know what you mean about large number of people at 1 or 2 birds. I have given up shooting snowy owls each year once the large groups find them.
  10. thanks Alan
    my fav is that one guy who won't move (or shoot anymore) and just stands there like a dog marking a spot, but it doesn't bother me or anything
  11. thanks Bob
  12. thanks William
    thanks Connie
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