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Back from Italy and just waking up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jczinn, May 5, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, well I got back from (awesome) Rome this past weekend but it took me till now to be relatively cogent and able to stay awake more than two hours after work :)  Wow, this place kind of exploded while I was gone! Recognize quite a few faces from dpr and some new ones too, that's great. I don't think I can even try to catch up with all the previous posts so I'll just start from here!

    Anyway, 800 photos of Rome and of course that needs to be culled and to see which few are worth processing before I can get them posted...maybe I'll have a few ready over the weekend. I can't quite figure out how to organize them...I've got them grouped now by date but it doesn't necessarily make sense to post them that way.

    Stay tuned!
  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Welcome back Janet. Absolutely can't wait to see some pics.

    Were you happy with the lenses that you decided to carry, or did you miss the big bazooka?
  3. Hi Frank, didn't miss the 80-400 at all...I knew I wouldn't be concentrating on birds this time around. In fact it was quite nice not to have to carry it!

    I would say 90% of the time I stuck with the 24-120VR and I just love that lens for walking around cities. I like to do a lot of "isolating" shots of architectural details and such, and the wider lenses just don't cut it for that. I also had the 12-24 and found I didn't use it as much as I expected to. I find it hard to use for architectural shots as there's just too much perspective correction that needs to be done. I like it better for vistas and landscapes. Just about the only time I really needed it was inside the Colosseum!

    The Sigma 24 1.8 was GREAT for night shots and inside the churches/museums. Very sharp even at 1.8 and I was even able to get shots in the Sistine Chapel (technically photos not allowed, but everyone was shooting, so I figured why not me too. No flash of course.) Ron R was right though, it displayed a lot of coma in the night shots, which I didn't really see on the LCD screen but was obvious when looking at the full size image. Still, for the price I'm not complaining. For those who don't know any better, the coma could look like a special effect ;-)
  4. Only 800? And you were there for more than 3 hours :?: :?: :?: :!:

    You sure are turning into a piker in my old age :lol:

    Glad you enjoyed the trip, I really love the place. Did you get through the Vatican Musuem? I had the really neat opportunity, due to one of my co-workers leaving his passport at the museum, to go back through the Vatican to the Caribinieri, the Vatican Police force with him to pick it up. Places you don't get to see. Really cool to have the Swiss Guards escort you back :wink:

    Looking forward to seeing some of them, good luck on getting back into the "correct" TZ.
  5. I knew someone would say that :)  I did delete a bunch on the spot, and each evening (as I had my laptop to review.) 800 is what I came home with! But I guess I do tend to not overshoot when shooting city type things. Birds are a totally different story...! Anyway, 800 is plenty to contend with, I would go bonkers if I had to sift through 3000 like some of you folks!
  6. I'm just glad I was the first :lol: :lol:

    So, you had fun? Did you try to order a Pepperoni Pizza? Have fun on the trains? Marvel at the history and age? Still shake your head at how they fit 42 vehicles side-by-side in a 4-lane road without killing everyone in sight:?: :?: :?:

    Be sure when you post that you give us some stories as well. And please, don't post all 800 at once........

    ps. A small request as well. I need a Birdie ID confirmation when you get a chance. Going back to this old post I want to be sure the bird I ID'd is really a Purple Finch and not a House Finch. After looking at Sibley's more I'm not quite sure. Thanks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  7. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Welcome Home Janet!

    Well, home on the net anyway! I'm sure you enjoyed yourself and have the 800 pix to prove it. Don't worry about having 'only' 800 photos, as I'm sure 800 well taken shots are worth 8000 snaps like I would have done, but how many 'Parked Car in Foreign City' can you do? ;)  ;)  ;) 

    (PS I can do lots, even if it's only Nogales!)

    I'm anxiously waiting to see your bounty!
  8. Bill, I responded to your bird ID inquiry...I do think its a House Finch, not a Purple...although I could surely be wrong.

    I will have some stories to go with the photos, I'm sure! Actually this is our fifth trip to Italy so I know all about Pepperoni Pizza ;-)
  9. Thanks, Janet, I'm surprised no one else picked up on the ID. The more I looked the color pattern just seemed to indicate that.

    I was surprised by "Pepporoni" myself, but only once. Not quite the nice, neat, little round "meaty bits" we are used to, eh? But the pizza sure is good......
  10. We just missed each other

    I was in Rome (on business) a couple of weeks ago. Same week the Pope election was held. During the day I was south of the city center in Eur where a lot of businesses are located. I had one free day before I left to look around and I took about 325 shots in that one day. So much to see and photograph in Rome. I am surprised you only came back with 800, although I did very little in camera editing/deleting.

    Since I knew I was only going to have one day, I only took my 17-35, thinking that would be my best bet. I liked having the 2.8, but was really wishing a lot of the time I had brought the 24-120VR like I normally do on these types of trips.

    Interesting idea about having the 24 prime for churches and museums, although after seeing what Lee Sanstead(?) over on DPR is posting with his 85 1.4 from museums, that sure does look sweet.

    I will be very interested in seeing your shots from Rome. I remember your posts on DPR, and if IIRC you had posted pics from another trip to Italy which were very nice. Because I only had one day and was trying to see as much as I could I did not take the time to do much more than quick snaps. I also want to see what I missed because I may be going back at the end of the month. I hope to be able to make a little more time for enjoying the city and not all work.

    Looking forward to seeing your Rome pics.

    Welcome back.
  11. I put a few of the Sigma 24mm shots up in the Lens Lust forum since that's where it all started...


    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi Janet.......

    I just checked out your images in the lens forum. Very nicely done.....but then again you have that innate talent to take any lens and produce a fine work of art.

    Looks like your trip was fantastic and we look forward to seeing your some more :) 

  13. Going to Rome in 3 weeks - what do you recommend

    Hi everyone. I'm also going to Rome for 3 days with my wife at the end of the month. And also my D70.

    I'm currently thinking of taking: 17-55 DX, 24-120 VR, 50mm 1.8 and leaving the 70-200 VR at home. What does anyone think, and Janet and anyone else who's been to Rome, what sights do you recommend for photography?
  14. Mike, that sounds like a good lens combination...the 50 1.8 will definitely be useful inside churches, museums, and at night. I originally was going to go for that then decided I wanted the wider angle, but the 50 does have the advantage of fitting in your pocket!

    As for sights...wow, all of Rome is a photographer's paradise. Really depends on how you like to shoot and what interests you. Looking at my shots, some of my favorites are just street scenes and isolated architectural elements, signs, windows, doors, etc. but that's just my style. Just walk around central Rome and you won't be short of subjects! One tip...try to get out early in the morning...before 9, the earlier the better...before the crowds...when the Piazzas are empty, the markets are just setting up..(like Campo di Fiori---that's a good subject for sure)..and the light is lovely.
  15. I agree with everything Janet says, but I'd add that you also want to shoot the crowds, the hustle and bustle as well. Adds real "flavor" and is certainly part of the charm of Rome. Also, I found that many places at night, such as the Spanish Steps and the Wall, are quite spectacular as well.

    One other thing that I found fascinating was the wedding that I saw being performed at the Coliseum, a real juxtaposition of Old and New.

    And, of course, the Vatican.

    Have a grand trip,
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