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Back from Tuscany

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all there

    to tell the truth, I haven't seen any picture taken there, yet, although I estimated over 1000+ shots on my D200 and about 150 on the film camera, between b/w (most part) and colour.
    I've had the luck to find there a spanish street reporter who helped me in taking pictures during the wedding from the opposite corners of the church, which wasn't as small as I though (fortunately) nor that dark as I expected. Better, it WAS dark, even too much, but the tripod and the shutter cable helped me a lot. I had also a lighter tripod which I lent to that guy so I'm quite confident.
    Wedding has been divided in two parts: an "anteprima", played at the bride's house the evening before, and the wedding properly intended, yesterday.
    Men, you can't imagine how sweaty I was at 13.00 - 14.00: the sky was incredibly blue and the sun quite heavy, also the landscape and the towns were of a rare beauty. Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana arise from the earth as something coming directly from the ancient middle age if not the earlier roman empire, with roads coasted by long cypress and maritime pines raws as you could have seen in the Gladiator movie. After 50 km of short straightaways and a lot of little or more difficult turns, Pitigliano suddenly comes out as a dantesque hellish rock from the Divina Commedia. Castled on a rocky cliff, it is really impressive to see in certain hours of the day. Sorano and Sovana where we were are equally pictoresque and reachable only by passing in the middle of great tufa rocks which have been excavated to allow cars passing through.
    Coming back to the whole stuff, after the buffet at the bride's house, the couple organized a "treasure hunting" along the narrow alleys of the ancient town. The prize was a tavern placed in a tufa cavern where we drank some local hand-made brewed beers and wines.
    The day after, I had to reach the groom's residence (in the "fortress hotel", an old castle rearranged to guest people which a superb view on the surroundings) and start my first "job" (even if it was a gift since we are friends); in the meantime, the other guy, who knows very well the bride's family (he was an old boyfriend of the bride's sister) went to her house and worked there with my film camera. He was impressed I let him shooting with both my F80 (who he already had) and the D200 later.
    Finally came the ceremony and I'm quite confident about the results. Maybe nothing spectacular but surely nice overall. I learned at my expenses that it's better NOT leaving set the flash to AUTO FP since it forced the camera to get some outdoor shots at weird times, and despite the heavy light I guess there is some group shot that I'll have to correct quite drastically. Probably Borja (this was the name of the spanish guy) didn't noticed that, but it came immediately to my eye while looking the photos being downloaded from the camera. After the ceremony, where people brang to the altar also a "peace flag" due to the social duty taken by both them with the fair trade and other initiatives like that in central and southern America, we went to an olive grove but the bride itself was quite limiting not wanting any "classic" shot on the bench or the other possible places. Plus it was darn hot and we (the couple, Borja, my wife and me) were both very thirsty. I don't know how many liters of water I've drunk yesterday.
    Around 14.00 we finally arrived to the restaurant where we had 1h of buffet and then the "wedding lunch" started. To tell the truth, all was good and fine, from the hand-made pasta with pigskin ragout or rice with nettle sauce. All in all, compared to other wedding seen in southern Italy, this one seemed lacking of something (mainly music during the lunch) but the best came after. Around 18, we finally went out in the garden and started dancing and having fun. I guess my latest 150 shots will surely arise the satisfaction of the couple. For this event, I took with me everything I had (it was a bit heavy lugging all around but Borja and my wife helped me a lot). I used mainly the D200 with 17-35 as the walkaround, later the 28-75 (plus - sharing them with Borja, both 50 - 105 and 70-200 were used in several moments of the day). Anyway, what was surely the "best" moment was when I enjoyed producing intentionally blurred shot to yield the dance movement and, immediately after, when I "armed" my D200 with the 85 F1.4. At first sight, it looks like every portrait I took was a hit. One shot, one hit. Bang, bang, bang. People were impressed by that. Keeping the aperture at F1.4 of course smoothened people traits and some beautiful girls appreciated that A LOT.
    Well, stop talking. The whole party ended around midnight but I was already at the hotel from 21.00 to download the pictures (about 4 GB in all, JPEG FINE) and saving them to DVD to give a "photoshop wizard" to batch the whole correction process.
    Stop talking.. let me see what I can figure out and post later ;) 
  2. Sounds like you had fun, Dino, and we look forward to seeing your shots. The town in which the wedding was held also sounds very interesting. I'll be looking it up for my next trip to Italy.
  3. I look forward to seeing your photos too. Italy had remarkable beauty and charm and Tuscany, in particular was my favorite area.
  4. Hi guys,

    even if there isn't actually any photo, yet, it's just to let you know I'm uploading the first part of the shots here: >>> http://italy74.smugmug.com/gallery/3120326 <<< - Tonight I spent the whole evening by checking them quickly and I'm quite satisfied at least until the couple exited the church. I've also reworked most portraits taken at the end but I'll post them later. All the rest I'll correct tomorrow. As usual, my rework consists just in brightening / straightening / cropping but no more, due to my few pc resources. The most extrahordinary thing is the fact that in almost all outdoor shots, the sky has been BRIGHTENED so deep blue it was, and notice I took it just with the 17-35 and NO polarizing filter at all. Since I'm uploading several hundreds MB, I guess you should be able to see something within some hours; probably tomorrow evening (your time) you will have a lot of shots to check.
  5. Good morning everyone
    the first 4 pages are already online, others will follow soon.
  6. Dino, sounds and looks like fun :smile:

    Great pix! :wink:
  7. Would you ever believe these girls - present at wedding - are still looking for a boyfriend? What a lucky father!

  8. Excellent work, Dino.

    Just need more shots of that interesting town and fewer of the groom's ugly mug! :wink: And where is the bride?

    Looking forward to more.
  9. Hi Pa

    there are 1000+ shots and I can upload only few at a time (every shot is 5-10 MB) that is I need a whole night to put 50-60 online, but don't lose hope, bride is arriving soon! ;) 
  10. I'm uploading also for my friends (and the ones just married too, so that when they will come back from Greece they will have the whole album online)
  11. Perhaps you have other objectives, but I now upload only small-size images to Smugmug - less than 0.5Mb each. Goes much quicker, and for online viewing you can't tell any difference.
  12. Pa, you're right, I just can't batch the process of having two image sizes on my pc since I can't work on RAW, actually.
  13. Oh... a wedding in Tuscany and a honeymoon in Greece, sounds like a fairytale... :smile:

    Maybe I'll try the exact oposite... :cool: 
  14. Good morning everyone..
    now you have almost 120 new shots to see and within noon (local time; it means within next 5 hours for you) other 100 will be added. What counts more is that already now you are able to see almost all the ceremony, until signatures.
    I'd just want to tell you that I haven't had that much time to shoot landscapes; I did something with slides and negative film but when the ceremony had still to start, or we were already on our way home. But if you just look for "Pitigliano", "Sorano", "Sovana" under Google images, I'm sure you will find a lot of pictures.
  15. Here a couple of samples:



    The next two images are really low quality, but they give you the idea of what you can see there

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)


    or another country sight:
  16. Hi guys, give a look to the gallery, a lot of pictures are waiting for you, and tonight I'll probably finish uploading...
  17. I told you it was REALLY hot... :) 

  18. Ok guys, after 370 shots uploaded in 3 days of uninterrupted power on of my pc, I'm going to upload the latest 80; after that I'll have to check what shots is over 8 MB, resize and upload again; surely there are some of the most interesting one, especially at the beginning (I didn't see, for example, the one with the groom and his mother just out of the hotel, preparing to go); in general I esteem they should be around 15% of the whole total.
    Hope you will enjoy the whole gallery that already now is the "largest" of mine.
  19. And here's some quick shot:


    Out the fortress hotel

    My wife, helping me..

    The little square and a BRIGHTENED blue sky..
  20. The church..

    The bride, just arrived (20 minutes late..)

    with the priest (please DON'T care of shadows, a photoshop wizard will pull them out, plus I guess they hardly would notice that, used as they are to P&S cameras)


    The Girl of the Rings ;) 

    The Peace Flag (due to their personal commitment in fair trade with some poor Country of south America)

    Singing some kind of "acted" song (not exactly that, but a bit like your Gospel choirs, I guess: here things are more "conservative" about that):

    Singing /the couple
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