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  1. I know there's a background material out there that is less wrinkly than cloth and moisture resistant, yet more durable than a paper sweep. From the descriptions I've seen, it sounds kind of like a finer version of Tyvek.

    For the life of me, I can't think of what it's called.

    Is anybody here able to give me a clue??

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  2. ?


    it breathes well.
  3. No, it's not muslin.
    This is some sort of synthetic fabric.

    I'm going to keep looking. Dang, out of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. :Curved:
  4. Scotch guard Canvas?
  5. Nope. This stuff has a trade-name rather than a generic description. It's a synthetic material.

    It's not muslin, it's not canvas, it's not treated versions of either one.

    This isn't a test, I'm honestly looking for the name and a source.
  6. LisaR

    LisaR Guest

    Is it Tencel????
  7. I know it's not mylar. I've looked all over Backdrop Outlet and Denny Mfg. and I'm not finding anything with the "tencel" in it.

    I wish I had made a note of it the first time I saw something about it. I remember thinking how it would be handy for photographing animals since it was waterproof and wouldn't stain if they had an "accident" while you were shooting.

    It comes on rolls like paper sweeps, but I haven't found anything in all the variations of search terms I have tried. Arrrghhhh!!! :mad:
  8. LisaR

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    It wouldn't be tencel then .... tencel is made from wood pulp, then mixed with various manmade fabrics, it doesn't wrinkle as bad as cotton. I "think" I've seen what you are talking about ... they show kids playing on it with finger paint, cake icing, etc. and it talks about it wiping off.
    If I remember where I saw it, or what it was, I'll post ..... cause I sure do "miss my mind the most" too!! If you figure it out, let us know .... I'm rather curious now.

    Sorry to not be more help!
  9. Trish5


    Mar 31, 2005
    lasolite?? Flexible and portable??
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