Backing up to a 2nd HD?

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by stephen.s1, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. How're you folks doing it? If indeed you are.

    I think, if I'm doing it right, this is where MS has it all over Apple...

  2. peterparker


    Jun 2, 2006
  3. Karen's Replicator and it's free. I use it for all my backups.
  4. hmmmn
    I have 9 hard drives totaling 5TB in storage. Every night while I sleep all of the data on the main 4 are backed up to a second set of 4 only bringing that day's changes over. Very simple and painless and has saved me in several instances. I use a program called Deja Vu (only for Macs). There is another Mac program called Super Duper that works much the same. Are you using a Mac??
  5. A good reminder as I've been deliquent in backing up anything on my Macpro :redface:

    I'm loooking into Deja Vu as I type.
  6. Peter,
    Look here

    Just keep in mind which version you need PPC or Intel.
  7. Yes Dave, it's a Mac Pro 1T storage. Okay, so I need a 3rd party program. Thanks all for your help.
  8. Stephen
    It is very inexpensive and super easy to use. If you get it and need any help just hollar.
  9. I'll download tonight and give it a go. Looks fairly simple to setup and direct where to backup
  10. peterparker


    Jun 2, 2006
    If you are comfortable with Unix, rsync works great and is built in.
  11. Thanks all. I went with Deja Vu. All set. I'll sleep easy t'nite. :)
  12. Thanks Dave. I see that the Universal Binary version is still in beta. Are you using this version?
  13. Actually Peter I think it came out of Beta in December. IT will let you know when you download it. Either it will charge you or it wont. The version did not change.
  14. Evidently I have the Beta (?) version. At least it's marked beta.
    The first download of a standard apple version wouldn't work.

    It works fast! So far, so good.
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