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Backpacking with the 17-55 f/2.8 in Yosemite NP, California (dialup beware)

Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by Skunkabilly, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hello. The 18-200 is my standard lens but my dad was out of town so I borrowed his 17-55 f/2.8. I didn't find the short focal length limiting but found it was a bit much size and weight wise, though it's only a few more ounces than the 18-200, something about it feels...weighty. I brought my Fisheye and SB-800 along with me.

    I'm not very good at the traditional landscape and prefer to focus more on the outdoorsey guy camp life type of photos. The photos are slightly overprocessed, but I'm tired of my conservative, traditional look and wanted to try something new. Please let me know what you think. I may not go with what you say but value your opinion nonetheless.

    Thanks for looking :smile:

    Howders from Yosemite National Park, California.

    My friend Matthew Saville. Anyone who goes on a backpacking trip with two bodies and four lenses is a stud as far as I'm concerned.

    Old school.

    We walked among some pretty impressive trees.

    Not a cactus, but it'll do.

    Bottled at the source.

    You won't believe how good the water up there tastes.

    Taking in the view from atop Chinualna Falls.

    A few hikers on their way up above the falls. We didn't see anyone else for 23 hours.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The trail wound up and up and up some more.

    Slightly out of focus, but not as dramatic as Robert Capa's capture on D-Day. Still, the water was unbelievably cold. It was pretty demoralizing.

    We caught a catnap in the early afternoon. We were going too slow a pace to go on, and made camp early.

    We found a pretty sweet spot.

    After taking another nap and doing a little reading, it was time to prepare some chow.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Freeze dried backpacking food. Tasty.

    The hills obscured the sunset, but the light show afterwards was worth the wait.

    Catching up on some reading before turning in.  Ounce-wise, pound-foolish. But I love my camp chair.

    Too lazy to get out of my sleeping bag, I reached outside the tent door and set my camera on the tripod pointed skyward, tripped the shutter, and drifted into sleep. How was your weekend?
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  2. GastheerG

    GastheerG Guest

    Nice report! But what´s that machine on photo #3?
  3. Very nice series, looks like a great hike! :smile:
  4. Interesting set of photos, Jeff.

    Is that the Matthew Saville I recognize from The Digital Grin?
  5. Hey Jeff. Good stuff! I am doing my final packing for my trip to Yose ... I leave in the morning. My plan is to do Pohono, Panarama, and Mist Trails with some side trips over 5 days.

    Weather looked great for your trip and mine as well!

    Don't ever change a thing. I just love your (but I'm tired of my conservative, traditional look and wanted to try something new) different look on the world.

    I plan to take the D200 12-24mm, 18-300mm and 70-300mm with a tripod. The D200 has been acting up , so I may end up taking the heavier second body ... D2X, but I'll leave the camp chair at home!

    Thanks for posting,
  6. Do you mean 18-200VR? If so, that is also my current travel kit.
  7. Yeah Pa. That's what my brain meant ... dagone fingers!

    I am leaving the heavy gear behind after all unless I am way under my weight limit:rolleyes:  . If the camera quits, I'll just cry:mad: 
  8. travelphotoclimber, make sure you pack dry sacks. The crossing was so stinking cold my toes were numbing up and I was losing my balance and almost put the D200 into the drink.

    If you are going that far I'd pack lighter, but then I'm a smaller guy at 123 lbs and the % of my body weight adds up quick.

    Weather was great and there were ants and flies at 8000 feet but where I was, and surprisingly very few mosquitoes. It was cold enough where my batteries died and didn't even finish a single 30 minute star trail exposure (which is why that photo is so highly processed, the batt died during the noise reduction process).

    Didn't see any bears. Have a great time. The D200 sure is power hungry. I wish I had my D70 instead.
  9. LOL. It's an FM2. He said it's a Nikon but I couldn't figure out where the CF card went into...
  10. Not sure. He's a 1st degree photo geek and I'm sure he's on a few fora. I've been trying to talk him into coming here.

    "It's not REALLY a camera forum, the people at Nikon Cafe are NICE!"
  11. Are you at least bringing your point and shoot? (you have a point and shoot, right?)

  12. Yeah! I think that's what the "P" is for? Hehe, never used it! Both my D2X and D200 are P&S's:biggrin:
  13. How many batteries did you have? I will take 3. That VR mode really eats them up.

    %'age wise I'll trade you. 48 years on 9 knee surgeries! Hehe. It's just a plan ... this winter got the best of meand my gut, so we'll see how I hold up. Haven't been out much!

    I do have some light weight water proof bags and you just reminded me about bringing some water socks ... thanks!

    Will post when I get back.
  14. Nice pics, enjoyed them all, esp the star trials, but what are you doing in the second pic????????
  15. I thought it stood for 'professional'? :confused: 

    (I leave mine on 'A' for 'amateur')
  16. I brought three. The first one was depleted in the first day. Took maybe 100 pics or so. I was shooting on AF-C, with AF-on as my AF and the shutter as an AE-L. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    The second battery ran out during the star trail shot. I got up in the middle of the night to check on it, and it was dead. My Suunto watch was fading, but as ok in the morning. Third battery got me through the second day.

    This trip was only an overnighter. That's one thing that bugged me about the D200 is the battery life. I shot for a week in New Orleans doing hurricane relief work with the D70 on a single charge.... (but I was very, very conservative with the juice).

    As for the VR, I was running the 17-55 f/2.8. No VR. Probably the cold affected the battery life more than anything, but it wasn't that cold...
  17. Jeff,

    I really enjoyed your commentary. The photos were great and I am glad that you stepped outside the box. Kudos to you!

    BTW, you can get better battery life out of the D200 with the grip attached, but the weight is significant. Ouch!!
  18. Ouch! I will take a 4th and keep them in my sleeping bag at night. Man, don't like the sound of that at all!

    The D2X does so much better on juice, but it does have larger batteries ... may have to rethink all this weight stuff.

    I do think you are right about shooting in AF-C burning more juice ... I shoot in AF-S and guess I won't be doing any chimping!

    Thanks Jeff ... coming together nicely.
  19. Awsome report - love the running commentary, instructive and funny. Great work on the pictures.
  20. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    that last picture is very cool. An ND filter would be a good investment for the overcooked water highlights. That camp food looks positively despicable, I mean delicious!

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